I have read the books, seen the videos, taken the test or course, listened to the people and done whatever is required of me-ish - I do this because I truly believe these resources & tools have power to change a mindset, some lies to truth and teach you something very valuable. I don't earn a penny unless you click on the links and purchase it - then I get a small percentage from Amazon, yay. So if you consider buying one of these things I'd greatly appreciate if you do it through my links - there will also be a little banner under with the books and things i recommend. But I truly believe this list have made me who I am today. So if you like me - then that might be the best testimonial of these.

This is also a page I'll keep updating as I plan on learning and growing for the rest of my life. If you have any questions or like more info, ask me or ask google ;) and no, that's unfortunately not a paid ad either. 

Tools that have helped me getting to know my self

  • strength finders 2.0 - helps you finding you top 5 strength + a lot of guidance and info about all the strength, how to use them and what they goes great with.
  • the 5 love languages TEST + BOOK - let you know how you receive love + how to understand other love languages and how to show love so others understand it.
  • The gifts of Christ - Danny Silk  - he explains in 7 min "the gifts of christ" / "5 fold ministry" as personalities + characterise them a entertaining yet makes it easy to understand. BONUS: It's cool when recognising yourself or people in his characteristic "role-play".

identity building

  • identity by Charlotte Gambill - this woman have been challenging me since I was 16. I never met her personally, but my plan is to visit her church Life Church or attend her Cherish- conference ASAP.
  • everything Todd White + ministry: Lifestyle Christianity - youtube / website / movie - he challenges christians to live like the bible a 100% and it changes your perspective and identity just by listening to him. So much truth spoken. It changes the way you look at what a christian really is. I obviously haven't heard everything he preaches and seen all his videos, but Ive heard and seen him enough to recommend him fully. WARNING: you might wanna change your lifestyle + get out of your comfortzone, but that might be exactly what changes your life.
  • beyond human: fully identified in the new creation - say no more.


Growing as a person

  • truth to table - by Havilah Cunningtonthis woman is not afraid to talk about the stuff people avoid, she is honest, preaches BOLD and LOUDLY what she believes in and challenges and encourages people to live out their best self. i recommending following her on all the social medias, but she also have a website filled with small videos where she talks life.


Communication skills in all kinds of relationships through all seasons of life

  • KYLO (Keep Your Love On) by Danny Silk  - a must read in ways to communicate clearly, heart-to-heart-connection, marriage-communication + handling hard conflict while keeping your love on (kylo) Danny Silk is a relationship-expert, he's the best I've ever heard and I would recommend him to anyone.


Mental health

Ashley Morgan Jackson - she talks about her depression in a blog series called: "the burden of being broken" - it helped me turn the wars in my head into words and clarify a lot of the mess I couldn't see, and there you go I was sat free.