Taking Over Instagram Stories & a New Theme about Seasons

What’s up with all the faces and people taking over the stories on instagram? A new thing is being planted…

A Wildflower’s Home has started something NEW. On every weekday (the goal is to expand to 7 days a week, but we gotta start somewhere) a new wildflower logs in on the @awildflowershome instagram account and take over the stories for a day! We share about the things of life, the good, the bad and the messy, we share our daily day life with you AND talk about a weekly theme all this to BUILD the community for wildflowers, a place we can feel home!
I hope you will engage, get to know and share with the wildflowers who takeover, give them lots of love, laugh when they laugh and cry with them when they cry, we wanna do this together. As a community of wildflowers. A safe place. A place to rest our wings and lower our shoulders,a place to feel and be home.

OH, and the new theme is SEASONS. We go through many many different seasons in life. Both physical, mental, transitional, waiting, dreaming, resting, healing, working, learning etc. This month and until we’re done (I don’t think monthly works here, sometimes we like to talk about them longer, hah!) we will be sharing, writing and talking about the seasons of life.


The 5 wildflower who took over last week talked about seasons. I’ve picked some of the highlights from each of the wildflowers from each day and put them together into one highlight called SEASONS. You can click on the picture below to go directly to A Wildflowers Home’s Instagram account to rewatch the best bits or catch up if you missed some of the days! - remember to follow while you’re there!

A Wildflowers Home // seasons

If you’re interested in knowing more, maybe even wanna join the wildflower takeover team, there’s a few things you can do..

I Line, shared some of the vision of the storytakover in a video, you can find it both on A Wildflowers Home’s Instagram profile AND on A Wildflowers Home’s facebook page.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on here, in the comments, on the different social media account or contact me through my DM’s on my personal @awildflowersjourney. I’ll make sure to respond both places.

If you’re eager to jump right in. We have an facebook group, for the story takeovers only, below there’s a button where you can apply to join the group. Serious inquires only, please.

A Wildflowers Home team
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This is all still in the beginning fases, but it is SO MUCH FUN. I’ve recieved so good feedback, both from the story overtakers, but also you who follow along. Keep that up and please share it, so we can reach more and grow our community! :)

That’s all I had to say for now.


// Line

february theme // pioneering

A Wildflowers home // febuary theme pioneering aka breaking through the concrete

One of my favorite qualities of wildflowers is it’s perseverance, persistence and fighter-spirit.
When something so fragile as a flower can break through something as hard as concrete,
then what’s gonna stop us?

It doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easy, pioneering never is,
but it can be fun, wild, challenging and grow you like crazy.

Pioneering means to break the land,
break into the mountains to pave a tunnel through to the other side,
travel where no one has ever been,
grow where no one thought possible,
start something no one thought could flourish,
because pioneering means doing something no one has done before…

according to thesaurus.com pioneering means
”invent; lay the groundwork”

accoring to
cambridge.org pioneering means
using ideas and methods that have never been used before:
a pioneering

according to dictionary.com a pioneer is
1. a person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others.
2. one who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress: pioneers in cancer research.

3. one of a group of foot soldiers detailed to make roads, dig intrenchments etc., in advance of the main body.

Wildflowers have persistence,
wildflowers break through barriers,
wildflowers break through the concrete,

because wildflowers are pioneers.
wildflowers are pioneering.

That’s this months focus.

I have some exciting writers lined up, both introducing new writers and reintroducing.
I can’t wait for this to start, and I hope you will give them all a warming welcome, show their posts some love and leave your thoughts in the comments and share the posts that touch your heart.

Let’s break into this month!

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