July Word from the Planter on Growing Pains

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Happy July dear Wildflowers!

it’s a new month, we’re mid-summer here in Denmark AND we’re digging into a new theme here at A Wildflowers Home;

Growing Pains.

I think we can all relate to the pains of a growing moment in our life, maybe even a season. It can be in relationships, at work, when trying something new or it can be facing our fears.

Alessia Cara actually wrote a song called Growing Pains and I love these lines:

”Used monsters as an excuse to lie awake
Now the monsters are the ones that I have to face
No band-aids for the growing pains”

Facing your monsters is a great synonym for Growing Pains.

I myself have been through probably the wildest and longest growing pain-journey yet, many of you probably know that I burned out couple of years ago, and while a lot of the journey has been healing from the traumatic events and resting from the burnout, there’s definitely been some real pain of growing. Auch!
It can sound so easy, almost cliche, but I’ve learned through these hard years, that growing, is a choice, and it can be so. daaawn. tough! Sometimes it can take a little while to gather the courage to dive into the pain of growth, other times we’re thrown right in it with hair, feet and nail scrapings.. but I’ve survived my hardest moments of Growing Pain so far, which is a testimony and proof to me that I then can survive the next Growing Pain that’s gonna come. And these words doesn’t come lightly from me..

Sometimes Growing comes as distractions, and I’ve had to take some choices that didn’t really make sense to me, but I had to let go of feelings, people and even friendships to grow, which has definitely been painful. And it didn’t always look like a fabulous growing opportunity, often they can look quite ugly, for a long time, some still does, they’re never gonna be pretty so I sometimes have to remind myself that I did the right thing, and that I did grow from letting go. Letting go can be painful.

I usually say that it’s been the most expensive wisdom lessons of my life. When going through hardship we can choose to grow or get bitter. Bitter is easy and doesn’t really require any work, some might even say it’s understandable, but it doesn’t grow you..

It doesn’t move you forward into the next season.

It doesn’t take you up to the next level.

It doesn’t get you up that mountain to let you see the beautiful view that awaits you.

Growing through pain is a necessity in life, if you don’t wanna be stuck. And sometimes not choosing to grow, can be even more painful.

If we take it literally in our body, when our bones were growing as a kid, there would sometimes be a pain, but our body needed to grow or as my 1-year-old nephew, he is growing his teeth out, and it’s painful and itchy, but he needs his teeth to chew food. Growth is a necessity, even though we often don’t see the point or the “why” behind our pain. Like my baby-nephew doesn’t understand right now, but once they’re out. He’s gonna be so happy they are, cause now he can chew real food, and he’s already forgotten the pain of getting them there. So let’s be brave and choose growth! Even when it’s painful.

That’s all, let’s kick this month in with some Growing Pain!

Line, the planter of A Wildflowers Home
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Here are some prompts for the Wildflower Takeovers.

even if you’re not a Wildflower Takeover, you can take these prompts and use them for yourself, as a reminder for when you went through something painful AND GOT THROUGH or you’re free to ask some of the Wildflower Takeovers to share something on these prompts.

(…and just a short note on that. I know call them or us, the Wildflower Takeovers, because that’s what they are, it’s a simple 2 worded title and it’s not just the story they take over anymore, it’s the whole account. So from now on, those you see taking over the story and post on the feed on @awildflowershome on instagram, are called Wildflower Takeovers. Short note, finished.)

  • A childhood memory

  • When learning something new

  • A moment of growth

  • A bad habit you had to let go of

  • A painful moment of growth

  • A bad cycle you had to break

  • A moment of hard truth

  • A confrontation that lead to growth

  • Something that was so painful that growth HAD to happen

  • Something you had to let go off

  • Someone you had to say goodbye to