// one mans trash is another mans treasure

So I found some jeans. How, why & where in the world, you might wonder? The story is under the next photo.

I was wandering
around the streets
somewhere outside Tel Aviv
a sunny afternoon
golden hour perhaps
the last day of march
my seventeenth year
jeans caught my eye
swaying in the wind
nobody around
no owner
just hanging there
like it's meant to
quickly I grab
my favourite tool
to capture
a moment to last forever
the jeans from Tel Aviv
one mans trash is another mans treasure

Who just leaves their jeans hanging on a fence? I have absolutely no idea. My question is, who hangs their jeans on a fence in public? I mean, I hope you're at least wearing underwear! 

And for those who might wonder..
No, they are not mine. 
Yes, I left them hangin'
Yes, I'm wearing pants (or a dress? it' been years!)
Yes, ofc I'm wearing underwear (don't even think about it..!)

These close-ups are my favourite. When you find jeans randomly hanging in the middle of the street - you perpetuate that moment! It's probably gonna be once in a life time experience. 
Anyone said #yolo?

They would be perfect for a jeans commercial. They should pay me already. (don't know the brand?)

I really feel that this mini-hangin'-jeans-photoshoot is a very good example of the title on this post: "One mans trash is another mans treasure". Someone trash'd these jeans. I found them as my treasures, photographed them and now 4 years later posted them on my blog. 

**If you're out there - the owner of these awesome jeans - please do not hesitate to contact me. That'd be awesome!

xx Line