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If you're wondering about all the beautiful portraits, it was a gift for her 20th birthday. We were both full time in school & I was broke, BUT a photoshoot wouldn't cost me any money. It cost me a bit of time, but I had absolutely no problem spending some quality time with this bomb of joy + time is my love language. 
Anyways, we had so much fun, we were almost late to her own birthday party, but it was worth it. (I think, wasn't it, Morilla?)

If you haven't read part one yet, where you get to know her, you can click here. (I recommend reading that first)

This is part two, where we dive in to her story a bit more. It's getting deeper and more vulnerable, but it's something I believe we can all learn from. I believe there's healing in sharing (of course, first when you're ready!), so let's honour her when she courageously shares her story with us. 

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What are the things you're family taught you, that you're very thankful for now? 

I am thankful that my parents taught my about Jesus, and how amazing He are. I am also really glad that we traveled a lot when I was young, both in Norway and foreign countries. 


What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

The strangest things I believed as a child was that when we loose our tooth, we laid it in water, and then it turned out be money. And If you laid it there for some couples days more, it turned out to be more money. So I believes that if you have your tooth in water for long, you will get a lot of money. Haha!


How has your birth order of siblings affected you?

I was the youngest child, I have to older siblings. 


What are you most proud about with yourself?

I like my face, I think I look beautiful! And I'm proud of that I have a lot of muscles. I like to workout!


What's been the hardest thing you've walked through, what did you learn from it?

A year ago, I was happily engaged without knowing that, everything was about to change dramatically. My fiancé told me he was going through some stuff and that he needed space. I lived in an uncertainty about if the relationship would survive / continue. Unfortunately it ended with him breaking up with me.
Well, this is a process that I’m still going through at the moment, it has cost me a lot but also taught me a lot at the same time.

“Rejection is never a reflection of your value.”
– Andrea Alley

One of the main things I’ve learned, that I’m still learning, is that DaddyGod never lets me down. He is always with me. He never leaves me alone. 
If you don't open your heart, then you won’t learn anything. You just need to be brave enough to open up a little bit, and not hide in a closet, ‘cause than you ain’t gonna learn anything. ;)
Something I’ve learned is to never give up. You’re never alone, there will always be people around you, who will still be there for you and love you.

"It’s better to give your heart an opportunity to find love rather than keep it locked away due to fear of possible pain." 
- Moral Revolution, find them on Instagram here.




What moment have been the biggest life-changer in your life?

That have to be when I got a meeting with God in 10th grade. A while before this meeting with God happened, I told Him that I wouldn't believe in Him anymore or have to do anything with him. Then I experienced something terrible. I was in a lot of pain, but then suddenly Papa God came and held around my heart, like I felt it physical. And from that point I knew Papa God existed, and I started to believe in Him. So that's actually the time when I got saved.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Papa God will never leave, nor forsake you. He is always going to be with you, no matter what you are going through. You will never be alone. Everything is going to work out, you never have to worry. It always work out. Daddy God is with you. (Still preaching that to my self)


And vice verca, what are the things you miss about being younger, that your older or adult-self could need to learn or remember? 

That I just could play around and didn't have to think about economy and paying bills. Stop worrying, Morill, it's going to be alright, Daddy is with you.


How do you think your younger self would look at what you've become?

Wow, she is strong and brave. I have grown so much, look at me, living and learning about my identity in Jesus Christ. I wish I would know that life isn't that crazy and that Papa God is always with me. I would never thought that I would live radical for Jesus and wanting to be a missionary. I would be scared if I got to know all the things I have been through, if I was only  8 years old. 8 years old of me would have said - I want to be like her and wow, I have grown a lot. 


And that's a wrap for part two. Thank you for reading along. Part 3, the part I'm the most excited for, where she'll share her dreams, will be up soon. So be sure to tune in!

And just a gentle reminder, to leave comments below. Marit will be at the keyboard, ready to respond.


// Line xx


Model: Marit
hotographer: Line Thybo

photoshoot + interview // malene + jamie

I'm no pro photographer (yet, hah), that's why I got so surprised & EXCITED when my 2 dear friends asked if I wanted to photograph their wedding. What an honour to capture their day! 
I said YES with a big smile on my face.. And here is a 'little' taste of my favorit shots. 
 - the superhero-photo was their own cool idea. I just applaud for creative people & loved being the photographer of these to lovebirds.

Beautiful Malene is getting her hair & make-up done before saying 'I do' to the love of her life..

It is now almost 2 years after this couple said ''I do''. I've asked my beautiful friend some questions about the married life. Read her (and her husbands) answers under the photos..

What surprised you the most about “The Married Life”?

The first thing, that surprised us with “The Married Life” was that it actually wasn’t so different from before. I mean, we were still just us, and we loved each other like before, so in that way, there wasn’t much that changed.

(I, Line, just have to make a quick comment.. I mean aren't they the cutest? *squeals*. Comment over & out)

What have been the most challenging?

The most challenging have probably been those times, where things just don't go the way they’re suppose to, you know? I don’t think that’s something unique about the life in a marriage, but it still felt like the hard days in some periods came with smaller breaks, compared to what they did when we we’re just dating/engaged…

What have been the best?

The best thing on the other hand have been that we always have each other - even those days where things get hard, we have this special bond… We don’t get tempted to just walk away, cause we can’t “just” leave (if that makes sense?)

(I'm sorry, Line is interrupting again, but seriously though.. Take a moment to just take in her beautiful beauty.. I can understand if Jamie loves looking into her deep blue eyes... - Okay, I'm done!)

Why get married / is it worth it to be married instead of “just” living together?

Like I mentioned in the question over - It’s also what makes it worth it to be married instead of just moving in together - you have made a very public and holy promise to stay together "for better and worse, until death do us apart" and that feels much more solid than "I think you're cute, wanna be my girl/boyfriend?" Not that there's anything wrong with being “together” or something - that is also a time to enjoy - but like I mentioned earlier that it wasn't so different from before to after we got married, however, it still feel as if we got a bonding that was a little harder to break. :)

Was there anything you wished you knew before you got married?

I don’t really know what I wish I knew before I got married ... Maybe that no matter how much you "prepare" (with couple-courses, books or whatever you can think of), it’s still nothing like you imagine. You know, maybe you have an idea that you’re gonna spend half an hour every morning, just sitting there and telling each other that you love each other and such - but that ain’t gonna happen, hah. Not to be pessimistic, but "real married life" is very different from what you imagine, so be careful not to have too high expectations. But I still think that it's really good to have dreams and ideas about how one's dream-marriage could look like.

Any advice? Things to think about & talk about before you choose to get married?

Advice? Hmm ... To the girls: Try to focus more on what you are looking forward to *after* the wedding, haha! To the guys: Try to focus a little more on the wedding itself - that will really make her happy ;)
(the answer continues under the next photo...)

In addition to that, then you obviously should do some serious reflections on how far one's values match - diversity is good, and we learn from each other's differences, but if your deepest and most fundamental values don’t match to the one you are considering marrying - maybe you should think about it one more time ...

If, for example, there’s a believer and a non-believer, then you’ll never be able to share your innermost beliefs and thoughts with each other, and it will create a weak marriage ... I think if you “just” agree with each other in the most fundamental and important things, you’ll probably be able to cope with all the other disagreements, that might come down the road :) 
(the answer continues under the next photo...)

The best marriage-advice, we can give is probably a little “too” Christian for non-believers to understand, sorry! :) But the advice sound like this: as long as we both have God on our first-place in life, then we’ll avoid all sorts of problems with each other. If you are going to focus too much on other people or things (yes even your spouse), then the foundation is to weak - I am a human married to a human - if I am not fully aware of it (*especially* aware of my own mistakes), then it will fail ... And a focus on God will hold me up on this :)
(the answer continues under the next photo...)

To be a bit more practical, I (Jamie) have an advice for the guys: Stop chasing after/look for other things (work, money, computer, stuff, whatever) and start chasing your (future) wife - give her as much attention as you can, as often as you possibly can - and often it's the little things that counts ;) 

an advice for the girls: be sure to show him that you love him - even at the times when you just don't feel it ... And even though I know it’s difficult, try not to think too much about the details (a movement, a certain tone or something) - I (Malene) have found that men rarely put as much into it as we girls tend to do :)
(the answer continues under the next photo...)

There could be written lots of books with married advices (and it’s already done), and maybe it will be a good idea to read some together - but the most important thing, I think, is to learn from the mistakes, to get to commit along the way, so we can grow together in maturity and unity :)

And when it comes to mistakes, we know very well that no one is perfect ... And your (future) spouse also know that he or she isn’t perfect - so don’t focus on your spouse's mistakes.. . Focus on your own mistakes, and do everything you can to love him or her even more ;)

Can you write a little about marrying so young? (They both married at 19)

When you marry early there will be some advantages and disadvantages - disadvantages include things such as future plans that may be harder to get to fit together ... When you're single, it's quite easy to move to any city in the country (or abroad), but it's not quite as easy when you are married - now it all of a sudden have to fit with someone else's future plans, and if your educations aren’t in the same city, it may well turn out to be a little complicated. But mostly, you’ll find a way :)
(the answer continues under the next photo...)

A big advantage if you marry early, is that you’ll faster have a long history together - as time goes you’ll learn each other better and better, and if you do it from an early age, then you grow together with each other (the opposite of growing apart), and you faster get a close bond, which you’ll enjoy for years ;)

But be careful anyway - if you aren’t ready or mature enough, there is a bigger chance that it can go wrong … :)

Why did we marry so early? 

We both had clear and strong views about the marriage covenant, so we knew what we wanted - also we had lived together (with a parent) for a while and went to the same school and church, so we were basically together 24/7 for one and a half year, so our relationship evolved much faster than what I think it would if we only saw each other a few times a week, as many couples do :)

As a final note..

..I would just like to say that life in no way ends when you get married - many have a idea that they juuuust have to try this and that first, and *then* they are ready for the "boring married life". It is by no means boring! In fact I would almost say the opposite: Life does not end when you get married; that’s when it starts ;)

Malene & Jamie you are beautiful together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & for letting me share your beautiful day here on my blog. If you want more of them I have their Instagrams riiight here.. Malene's & Jamie's.

// Line Thybo