Introducing a new series; "Note from a Littlesister" by Ingrid Kolås

I’m so excited to introduce a new wildflower to the wildflower writing team.
This girl is the closest I have to a little sister.
We became really close after, I had worked as a teacher-assistant at a school. She reached out to me in a very very difficult time where she struggled a lot with her mental health.
You might recognize her from when she shared her story here on AWH (A Wildflower’s Home, if you didn’t get the shorter version), at just 15!
I strongly recommend you check that out first: Click here.

I could tell you a lot about Ingrid, but I wanna let you get to know her yourself and instead tell you the reason why I asked her to write this series.
Lately I realized that even though I’ve been the “strong one”,
the encourager,
the big sis in this relationship
and even though I was always the one helping her,
she was also this constant cheerleader,
that little girl who looks at you,
and where you see flaws, shame and I’m not good enough,
she sees the coolest person in the whole world.
Ingrid has seen my not always perfect sides.

she’s my biggest cheerleader.

She just turned 18, and lately I’ve seen our relationship change, from young teenager and young adult to two young adults. I like this progress..
Lately I’ve started to see that it’s not only one way anymore.
She’s been there for me too, with her encouraging words and lots of <3-emojis.

When I was thinking about my vision and dream for AWH is I want the full spectrum of wildflowers, encouragers and family-members.
I want a mom’s tender advice and love, a fathers practical advice and love and a little sister admiration and cheer leading.
And all of a sudden, I could see it clearly.
It made sense.
Not before, not after, but now.
The timing was right..

I know she has a gift for writing. And I know she needs a little push to start writing and develop her gift.
And I knew I wanted to share the littlesister love I’d experienced from her with a wildflower’s home.

So when you read her words, take it from a littlesister who sees you faults and imperfections, but thinks you’re the coolest anyway!

I’ll give the word over to Ingrid, so she can tell you a little bit about herself and why she wanna do “Note from a Littlesister”

When I was a child I got bullied a lot. I was called a lot of names and people physically hurt me. For 9 years I was being bullied. In 2014 I got diagnosed with depression. I started self-harming, starved myself and I felt really suicidal. Honestly it’s a miracle that I’m still here. This is my story in a very short version. Through everything that I’ve been through I’ve always had Line by my side. I know that not everyone is that lucky and I also know that its hard to not feel like you fit into places. Line asked me if I wanted to maybe challenge myself and start to write those notes, and because of what shes been to me, I had to say yes! I want to help people who don’t have anyone close and I really hope that you can feel like I did when I had Line here.

I can’t wait to see where Ingrid is gonna take us, to start with she will write a note a month. Remember to follow on Pinterest and Instagram AND the new facebook-page to get updates for whenever a new post is up!

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