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If you're wondering about all the beautiful portraits, it was a gift for her 20th birthday. We were both full time in school & I was broke, BUT a photoshoot wouldn't cost me any money. It cost me a bit of time, but I had absolutely no problem spending some quality time with this bomb of joy + time is my love language. 
Anyways, we had so much fun, we were almost late to her own birthday party, but it was worth it. (I think, wasn't it, Morilla?)

If you haven't read part one yet, where you get to know her, you can click here. (I recommend reading that first)

This is part two, where we dive in to her story a bit more. It's getting deeper and more vulnerable, but it's something I believe we can all learn from. I believe there's healing in sharing (of course, first when you're ready!), so let's honour her when she courageously shares her story with us. 

Lastly; she'll join you in the comments below, so be sure to leave a kind comment.


What are the things you're family taught you, that you're very thankful for now? 

I am thankful that my parents taught my about Jesus, and how amazing He are. I am also really glad that we traveled a lot when I was young, both in Norway and foreign countries. 


What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

The strangest things I believed as a child was that when we loose our tooth, we laid it in water, and then it turned out be money. And If you laid it there for some couples days more, it turned out to be more money. So I believes that if you have your tooth in water for long, you will get a lot of money. Haha!


How has your birth order of siblings affected you?

I was the youngest child, I have to older siblings. 


What are you most proud about with yourself?

I like my face, I think I look beautiful! And I'm proud of that I have a lot of muscles. I like to workout!


What's been the hardest thing you've walked through, what did you learn from it?

A year ago, I was happily engaged without knowing that, everything was about to change dramatically. My fiancé told me he was going through some stuff and that he needed space. I lived in an uncertainty about if the relationship would survive / continue. Unfortunately it ended with him breaking up with me.
Well, this is a process that I’m still going through at the moment, it has cost me a lot but also taught me a lot at the same time.

“Rejection is never a reflection of your value.”
– Andrea Alley

One of the main things I’ve learned, that I’m still learning, is that DaddyGod never lets me down. He is always with me. He never leaves me alone. 
If you don't open your heart, then you won’t learn anything. You just need to be brave enough to open up a little bit, and not hide in a closet, ‘cause than you ain’t gonna learn anything. ;)
Something I’ve learned is to never give up. You’re never alone, there will always be people around you, who will still be there for you and love you.

"It’s better to give your heart an opportunity to find love rather than keep it locked away due to fear of possible pain." 
- Moral Revolution, find them on Instagram here.




What moment have been the biggest life-changer in your life?

That have to be when I got a meeting with God in 10th grade. A while before this meeting with God happened, I told Him that I wouldn't believe in Him anymore or have to do anything with him. Then I experienced something terrible. I was in a lot of pain, but then suddenly Papa God came and held around my heart, like I felt it physical. And from that point I knew Papa God existed, and I started to believe in Him. So that's actually the time when I got saved.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Papa God will never leave, nor forsake you. He is always going to be with you, no matter what you are going through. You will never be alone. Everything is going to work out, you never have to worry. It always work out. Daddy God is with you. (Still preaching that to my self)


And vice verca, what are the things you miss about being younger, that your older or adult-self could need to learn or remember? 

That I just could play around and didn't have to think about economy and paying bills. Stop worrying, Morill, it's going to be alright, Daddy is with you.


How do you think your younger self would look at what you've become?

Wow, she is strong and brave. I have grown so much, look at me, living and learning about my identity in Jesus Christ. I wish I would know that life isn't that crazy and that Papa God is always with me. I would never thought that I would live radical for Jesus and wanting to be a missionary. I would be scared if I got to know all the things I have been through, if I was only  8 years old. 8 years old of me would have said - I want to be like her and wow, I have grown a lot. 


And that's a wrap for part two. Thank you for reading along. Part 3, the part I'm the most excited for, where she'll share her dreams, will be up soon. So be sure to tune in!

And just a gentle reminder, to leave comments below. Marit will be at the keyboard, ready to respond.


// Line xx


Model: Marit
hotographer: Line Thybo

Interview // Malene Bech

in my opinion this photo describes her perfectly: beautiful, reflective and unique. She's a longterm friend & she's a keeper! photocreds: 'stole' it from your facebook, hah!

in my opinion this photo describes her perfectly: beautiful, reflective and unique. She's a longterm friend & she's a keeper! photocreds: 'stole' it from your facebook, hah!

Soo, my dear readers! This is my first interview here on the blog. Today I have the honour of giving you a little sneak peak into one of my dearest friends. She is a mastermind! I'm telling you - I never get tired of listening to her and her quirky & genious way of saying things, her perspective on life & her reflective thoughts.
She's a danish beauty, she's a fighter like no other, she speaks, reads & write fluent german(say whaaat!) & is a brilliant with words. I'm always fascinated by how she twist & turn those words into beautifully sentences & stories. 
So it is my honour to represent Malene Bech..
- && spoiler alert she will be writing guestposts here and there on this blog. (I'm truly blessed!) So be sure to check her out. This is a woman we will hear more from in the future.. I can't wait! :D

Who are you really? Describe yourself without using your name, title, what people or social media expect. Deep down, who are you? 

I am a contingent being, which means I’m only going to be here for a while. I wander here, though not alone. I favor art, books, and wisdom. I find myself to be very devoted to a faith seeking understanding. This does not mean that I replace faith with understanding (that would be too arrogant; believing that we would ever fully grasp Truth). Rather it is an active love for God, seeking a deeper knowledge of Him. Specifically, this has led me to the art of philosophy and apologetics. Here I grow deeper into my relationship with God in a unique way that fits my wondering and pondering personality. Philosophy and apologetics might be my future field one way or another. 


If you had a friend that you spoke to the same way you speak to yourself, how long do you think you would be friends?

This is a funny, yet scary, question. Most people don’t even realize exactly how much the answer to this question really tells about one’s way of viewing oneself. 

I think for me, it would be a sort of love/hate relationship. We would definitely have our fights and ways of hurting each other endlessly, while at the same time having a very unique understanding of each other, acknowledging both the negative sides and the positive sides of each other. There would be a mutual accept through a lonely sort of understanding, though somehow perverted by contempt. 

It’s like a poem I’ve read talking about lonely games you can’t win, ‘cause the one you’re playing against is you. 

I think I’d be friends with this person for a very long time, but we’d need an external factor to make it right between us.


 What's the biggest personal change you've ever made?

 The biggest change I’ve made has been the somewhat gradual, yet somewhat sudden renewal of my world view. Inviting Christ into my life has turned many things upside down in my personality.


What are you most proud about with yourself?

I can honestly say that ultimately I have nothing to find pride in, even though I realize that I have good qualities and talents. The greatest I can be proud of is the victory Christ has given me, which serves as ground for the ultimate rejoicing.


 What makes you, you? 

Christ has made me who I am, to put it very simple. By him, I truly live. The distinctive mix of ideas, humor, interests, looks, fears etc. might explain me, but what finally defines me is what I have become in Christ; able to love because of how I’ve been loved. 


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to work at a zoo and take care of animals (Honestly, I only decided for that because I didn’t know what else to go for, and all the other kids wanted to be animal caretakers).


 How did you as a kid imagine it would be like to become an 'adult'? Was any of it true?

When I was a kid, I sincerely thought that being an adult meant that you knew things - you got things under control. To me, grownups would always know the answers, and I actually thought they had everything figured out.

Thinking about it now makes me chuckle, as I now know how far from the truth that is. I’ve learned that what makes the distinction between childhood and adulthood is the moment of realization about how no one has ever really figured out everything. Once you realize this - that neither you nor any other individual has the ultimate “grasp” or scope of life, you’re equipped for reaching a further understanding of yourself and of other people. This is when you realize that your parents are not perfect, that they make mistakes because they’re humans with a story. You might even feel a slight hint of loneliness, as you look around and understand that no one can live life for you and how you are in charge of implementing values of ultimate significance and how - most importantly - you learn that life is not about you in any way. 


 Who do you want to be? (as a person - not your working title etc.)

Character-wise, I have a profound wish for being a caretaker (not really of animals, though). If there’s anything I’ve learned, it is the value of every single person on this earth, and I’ve come to grow more and more in the love which makes me capable of loving other people sincerely and independently of external sources. 


 If you don't think about educations, money & jobs, what would you love to do for a life time? What are you dreaming of doing? 

I wish the most to pursue faith seeking understanding, as it is pretty much the only way I see myself coping with life. 


What have you done to pursue your dreams lately?

I try my best to live according to the Truth every day and to develop my character through the different challenges I meet along the way, all while I’m studying to get my Bachelor’s degree in theology.


 How about today? - What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago? What will you be able to do at this time next year?

Several things could be mentioned to answer this question. I think one of the most important is my general paradigm which now revolves around God, which has made me able to confront myself and the world I live in in a new way. For me personally, it has meant that I’ve confronted a big part of my anxiety; being honest about things I haven’t been honest about before. More practically, I’ve spoken out loud about things, which I was incapable of speaking about just a year ago.


What things hold you back from doing the things that you really want to? 

I think in these days it’s mostly concerns about certain people around me and how I don’t want them to misunderstand my choices and actions – not in a way where I’m bound by what they think about me, but it is rather a sort of cautiousness, so that what they see me do won’t result in them moving further away from the Good. 


When did you last push the boundaries of your comfort zone? 

As an introvert, living at a school/campus as I do now, with abound 90 other students, I feel like I’m pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone pretty much every day! 


What's something most people don't know about you? 

I have a guilty-pleasure-love for the Highschool Musical soundtracks and 90’s pophits.


What's the first thing you notice about people? - What quality do you admire most in others? 

It sort of varies from person to person depending on what kind of unique features they have: some have especially outstanding eyes, smile, whatever. Others may have a certain way of speaking or thinking, walking, or singing, that I come to admire. I never really know what I notice until I notice it. 


Who inspires you and why?

Dr. William Lane Craig inspires me in his way of standing up for the intellectual aspect of faith. This field of ministry is greatly underrepresented, and it’s desperately needed to have Christian intellectuals who are able to confront and challenge opposers, all while giving a deeper expression of what the Christian worldview is about. 


What do you think people think of you?

I’m not too sure, since I easily doubt what people tell me, but often I’ve had people telling me nice things, which I hope are true. I’ve heard them say I’m smart, that I’m a nerd (in a good sense), a good friend, a funny person etc. 


 How would your friends and family describe you?

You’re gonna have to ask my friends and my family in order to get a completely valid answerfor this question.


aaaand that was the last word from Malene Bech. Want more? Don't blame ya. Here's her Instagram - for more sneak peaks into her inspiring world.