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In one of the many towns I've lived in Vejle, in southeast of Denmark, is a city who is defently starting to earning it's right to a second glance. Why? Well, one of them is a place I'm gonna highlight a little today. The place is called:  Fabrikanterne.

They are a bunch of creative people and artists pursuing their dreamsI Super friendly & always open for a chat. They gladly tell you about the story behind and give you a little tour into where they make their magic happen. (The woman over is one of the creative souls behind this project)

Long story short, I asked to take some shots and make a blogpost and they clapped in their creative hands and gave me free space to invade their beautiful world. Here's a little taste of what their world looks like through my lens.

Not only do they make art. Their place is ART. I mean.. look at this - it makes my interior-heart happy!

A pillar is not a threat. Put some painting on and voilá!  More art for the world

They've kept some of the old walls from the days where this place used to be a discoteque filt with grafitti and history which makes it original, raw & creative, but still new and stylish with the white-painted walls. Here's a little shot of some of the 'cuter' grafitti art <3

The creative woman behind @patternlike was one of the strong women I talked to. I'm featuring her inspiring story in a blogpost - coming soon - where also more of her art is coming up!

I just love the humor in this place - I mean.. CUT THE CRAP.

I will forever&ever be fascinated by the patience, hours and precision, that has been put in to these beautiful, handcrafted small castles and mini-worlds. I'm forever a fan! If you are hungry for more of the amazing work by this incredible artist Li-Yu, then here's her Instagram so hurry up, GO & follow her already!

& ofc if you are a creative soul you need creative books to read and find inspiration from. I'm a book- & library-FAN so everything book-ish needs to be captured - you have been warned!

More books (I already warned ya) and art - what a lovely combination.

"Did somebody loose their lips?" No, no, no.. this is what I call creativity on a high level. These lips are in every colour you can dream of - & these are CRAYONS. @lucyreadart has used her OWN lips as a model - go follow her for more creative lip-art!

A little shoutout to @bordingaardkeramik for amazing so beautiful ceramic - I would love to have a couple of those on my kitchen table filled with fresh springflowers!

Woah, there is nothing polished, 'perfect' or mainstream about this. This is unique, handcrafted, raw and absolutely incredible beautiful - and just my taste & I'm not even a diamond-girl. So @lundbladgraa you surely did something right! In love with your jewelries!

One of the things that I love about this place is that it changes all the time. New art, new styles, new people, new interior, new decor.. It's a place where there is new life and always something new that catches your eye.

YES, admitted. I like yarn. & I love colours! Especially when they are displayed in RAINBOW!

UNICORNS - 1 more reason to love this place!

YES, this is just INCREDIBLY AMAZING !!! #enoughsaid

Here's a mini shoutout to a beautiful woman @kirstinefalk (<- follow her instagram for more pretty art) I love how she draw simple and a childlike lines in the most beautiful way. I'm a fan!

"TAK FOR IDAG" - meaning "thank you for today" in danish.

& last but not least - Again, the humor in this place! I can't even. AHAHAHA! I need my iPhone-emojis now. Imagine the crying-laughing-smiley ;)


There are many many more artists to discover and admire in this place - obviously. So sorry for you guys that I missed - maybe next time! But most of the art and the artist can be found on their heir homepage & their Instagram - all of their work are truly amazing and no doubt about the awesome artists - so watch out for more post coming about this place and the people there!

I hope you enjoyed this snaps, got some new people to follow on instagram and last, but not least got a little inspired.

Over & out
// Line

PS: this is NOT a sponsored post. I'm writing about this place & these artist 100% voluntarily because I find it & them truly inspiring - I'm attracted to anyone pursuing their dream & my goal is to inspire you too :)