exterior // my parents garden (+ pavilion edition)

No, this is not a roof-advertisement. Haha, this house was once called 'The Blue House', because it once was BLUE. & by blue I mean BLUE BLUE.
Blue the way that people would say: "I live close to 'The Blue House" and people would know where to go. I didn't live in the house, when the house were blue, I probably wasn't even born yet, but I just think it's amazing when people go outside of the box!

A little house for the birds made by my handy daddy.

Simple, little, but pretty detail. To small shelfs on the empty white wall. (photo over ^^)

Nice little tree with some colourful flowers surrounding it. How pretty! (photo to the right ->)

These walls, also handcrafted by my creative & very handy dad!

..a view into the garden from the 'back door'. My parents are both very creative and love working in the garden. I think it's just beautiful to watch them doing projects together, that they both really enjoy. Even after 20+ years of marriage. #relationshipgoals

Let me brag a little more about my dad and his handyman skills. He's also a carpenter.. and defiantly one of the creative ones. This pavilion is handmade by my dad and about every piece is handpicked. Some of the pieces are taken from old houses (or hospitals) and others are found. I think my parents are Denmarks answer to Joanna & Chip #FixerUpper. They just haven't gotten a TV-program yet.. hah ;)

The front of the pavilion. & you can probably see me in the window. Hello world!

A little peek inside.. anyone else who love mint-green?

The old wood the garlands are from Herrnhut, Germany - I might post some beautiful shots from that pretty old small-town later on!

I love how they made room for some smaller windows at the top - also works great as a shelf, but still you have the wall you can use for furnitures. 

The beautiful & peaceful view from the good-chair out in the garden. Imagine mornings with birds singing and a warm cup of tea..

& yes, they like stones..

A little deep thought. Sometimes you stand have up & change your perspective in order to go from big jungle to small grass.. #youresodeepicantseeyouanymore #sorrynotsorry

I'm taken the photo from what we call "The round" (defiantly works better in danish! - den runde) But this is where we eat dinner when the weather allows and enjoy the late summersun.. mmh. Lot's of good conversation from this little space. 

The art on the wall is made by my mom in ceramic from when she was young. I love how the creativity flows in the family.

And again.. designed by my mom and build by my dad. The ideas just never stops!

I hope you'll be inspired by this beautiful garden, pretty flowers & a peaceful DIY pavilion.. If you have any questions or comments about this garden, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can also be a message-deliverer to the designers of the garden & pavilion, if needed. :) 

If you are moving to the Vejle-area in Denmark you are in luck! My parents are selling their home incl. the garden-heaven. I'm gonna miss the place, but I'm so happy for my parents and the new adventures laying in front of them. Keep'em in your prayers. They're not only garden-changers, but also world-changers!

Stay tuned I've got some more eyecandy from this house soon! I also posted the livingroom edition right here..

Until then, comment your thoughts or show me your garden-skills.

// Line Thybo

Source: www.wildflowershome.com