interior // my parents house (livingroom edition)

Soo, my parents are putting their house up for sale these upcoming months (if you are househunting in the Vejle, Denmark area - pay attention my friends!)

Even though they only lived there for 8-ish years. It's still a little sad-weird, when you're moving away from something you once called home. This house was also the house where both me & my brother move out from. This was where I had my teenage years (oh'em teenage years), this was where I got home to for Christmas.. Even though I moved more than I can count it's still a little weird each time and this time will be my parents first move without kids, so this will never be my real home anymore.. more like 'where-ma-parents-live'-house. Weird. Well well, enough of the nostalgia.. Now onto the interior-part (sing that last part with a high vibrator-voice). This will be my first interior post on the blog, but defiantly not last. I looove beautiful homes. One of my passions is to make every room, place, house, building & space to a place where I (or whoever's gonna live there) feel HOME. My blog is called 'a wildflowers HOMEafter all ;)

So here's a little taste of one of the houses that I once called my home. This is also to honor my creative mom who defiantly has an eye for details & to make a house look beautiful, unique & to feel cozy & like home. So far when guests (specially norwegians, lol) have visited my parents house they always compliment how beautiful, cozy & the danish word 'hyggeligt' it looks + the peaceful atmosphere. I'm proud of my mommy! & the beautiful garden my parents did together! (a garden post is in the making!) They've got green fingers & creative talents.
Lastly.. this is also a memorial & a little nostalgian post. To remember the beautiful interior & cozy home we had together. The last we had together as a family. So whoever moves in there after us.. You. Are. Blessed! 

I would describe my mums style as old french charm with a scandinavian twist & a beautiful eye for the small details.

This little green chair is a simple DIY I made as a 'giftcard' for my parents to one of the green chairs you'll see under. They liked it so much that they displayed it on a shelf right above. 

I'm a lover of this green wall. & green colour. & how my mum has a talent for finding cute things as this shelf on a yard-sale & it just makes this wall so photogenic.

This is the place in the house. This is probably the place my parents sit the most (& me when I visit). The firewood is in the other corner so I guess that plays a big part. But you gotta give it to me.. it's a cooozy corner. & I couldn't stop photographing it. IKEA should pay me for putting out their beautiful chairs on the internet. Hah!

These apples have been there all my life. They remind me of my childhood - & I absolutely love them.

I would say my mum's favorit colour is green, but look at how she somehow manage to put in the pink here and there without looking like a girls bedroom. The beautiful Cinderella-painting, the pillows, the sticks with pink flowers & the orchid in the window. She defiantly has an eye for the details. 

These two small 'indoor windows' or holes are one of the things that really bring charm to this house. 

This is my dad's incredible library.. Or it's not even the half of it - the rest didn't make it to the photo. Not sure if I should say 'hah' or 'obs'. Oh well, and in between some personal treasures. Like my grandpas carpenter-statue-thing. I adore it. Or the giraffe bought in Africa.

A little close up of some small beautiful treasures. Some details just needs more space. & a black'n'white edit.

My mum has a weakness for Israel's national fruit: The Pomegranate. & the beautiful beautiful, colourful & very artistic painting was a gift to my mums 50th birthday. And yeah, she cried.
You can follow the incredible artist on instagram here and check out her website here.

I will be posting more interior-posts about my parents home. Click on the 'Interior'-logo in the sidebar to check out for more interior.

// Line Thybo

PS: None of the above is sponsored, just me wiriting & capturing what I love.