// on being a risktaker


I was once asked if I was done being a risktaker. Terrified of the person who asked, I just said a quick and a bit confused yes. What a people pleaser I was, huh. 

But at the time, this person was able to paralyse my brain (probably not intentional, but that’s how I reacted), so I wouldn’t know right from wrong in the situation. In other words, I was being manipulated. And since I often played the role of a doormat, I just let it happen.. or in other words, I had no idea what to do about it. I was scared. 


I’ve found myself feeling like I had to prove myself to that voice. it kept nagging in the back of my head. I don’t want to feel like I have to prove myself for or to anyone, but myself.

Now looking back, I’m thankful for the question, because it forced me to think and process who I am and what being a risktaker means, for me.

A little while back this eventually turned out to be a blogpost, and hopefully someone out there can pick up some of the things I learned a long the journey, and apply them to their own lives.

I wanna be real and transparent about life, so this is my process of fighting to grow my voice..
..and finally, value who I am.
..and actually daring to say that out loud! Even though, my voice might shake.



Here’s what my answer would have been today.


No, I am not done being a risktaker. I am a risktaker, and I’m proud of it. it brought me to where I am today. It made me who I am. Through the good, the bad and the ugly experiences that I’ve had to walk through because of the risks I’ve taken. 


that most brutal teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.”
- C. S. Lewis


Taking risks, for me, is about daring to do something and dealing with the consequences.
Not all the risks I’ve taken in life has turned out good or the way I imagined, but I’ve made some experiences, dealt with the consequences and I’ve become wiser.
I’m not gonna let the bad experiences holding me from living my life and taking risks again. I don’t believe you can live a life with Jesus without daring to risk, that’s what I believe is called trust.
Taking risks & being bold also comes with rewards. ‘cause how will you ever get an yes or what you want if you don’t take the risk of asking, trying or going after what you want?

When I first moved to Norway, 18 years old and away from my family in Denmark, I was in many ways starting my life over, again. So I quickly learned that taking some risks and being bold, came with a lot of rewards. This lead me to a lot of awesome people, later friends, experiences, moments, growing opportunities, jobs, adventures and so on. All that are such a big part of me now, that I couldn’t imagine my life without it. With that being said, I almost forgot that moving to another country at only 18 is a risk. Pretty bold one, I’ve heard many say. Something I don’t regret! Through the good and the bad moments. There’s absolutely been bad moments in their too, but I’ve learned you can’t avoid neither control the bad stuff that happens in your life.
You can only control how you react and respond to it. I think that’s a very important key to learning to handle bad things, better. Something I’m eager to learn. 


I actually believe being a risktaker is a significant part of being young, it’s not age-restricted and I’m not trying to “worship the youth”, but as the youth, we have the urge to test life, experience what it has to offer, a hunger to explore the world, to know what it holds. Not “only” because we’re immature and naive, but because we need to experience life, and learn how things work (and don’t work) our own way. 

And by that learn who I am and how to tackle what life throws at me. I hope that I will not ever loose that urge ‘cause “I’m old”, but gain wisdom and insight so I’ll get better and better at dealing with life. I believe we learn best through our own trials, even though a wise word or advice could never hurt.


When I get older I wanna be able to look back at my life, be grateful for the risks I took in life and what it taught me, instead of regretting never leaving my comfort zone. I hope my life will inspire others, not by my words only, but because my words speak of a life fully lived.


“if you’re too comfortable, it’s time to move on. terrified of what’s next? you’re on the right track.”


Taking risks is going after things before you see the full picture. Chase after the things you want, and on the journey you might find what you wanted changed, maybe a lot, maybe a little, but you would never have found out if you still sat home in your kitchen wondering if that was right or wrong.

I know it’s probably a cliché by now, but I wanna stop waiting for life to happen to me. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Stop waiting for all the “right” signs. 


I read a quote on Pinterest that I feel like sums it up perfectly:

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything, that will assert integrity of purpose an imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary” 

- Cecil Leaton


I was told “being a risk taker is bad”, I’ve found out; I disagree. I’m proud of it. It took me little while to get there, but I’ve learned, through trials, that it’s part of how I function and a big part of how I was created.


When all that is said, be sure not to confuse a season of settling down and heal with a season of getting out there and risk. There’s a time for a slower pace in life, settling down and healing. There’s another time in life for lifting your butt, getting out of that comfortzone and take a risk or two.


I wanna end with something a wise guy called Edwin once said:


“an essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail” 

- Edwin Land


in other words; take risks!


// xx Line Thybo