A Mother-Daughter conversation about being a woman

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Wildflowers, it is an honour to present the generous and extremely kind-hearted mother-daughter-duo behind She Is Identified speaking up about abuse. They have a unique voice because they are mother and daughter, they cheer each other on and everyone else. They’ve even written a book! They’re some of the strongest women I know out there and their from West Canada, about 9 hours time difference, when we’re trying to Skype!

I’ll give you all the links and details on how to grab their life-changing book, but first.. I’ll give the mic over to Alexsayah & Marnie…

Two woman. One story.

Black hair. Curls. Chocolate drops

Dark brown. Wave. Blue oceans.

Mom. Daughter. Rainy weather days.

“Mom, what’s it like being you?” her daughter, much older than before, asks intently. “You’ve been through trials, fought your way out of them, you’ve loved, you’ve lost, learned and grown. What is it that makes you the strong woman you are?”

Her mom smiles; with a gleam in her eye. “I don’t even know. I just am. Being yourself is something you discover with time. With help of course. But some of us don’t get that help; the guidance into discovering who we really are. I discovered who I was later in life. And now I wish I had more time.

But I know that even when I didn’t feel I understood who I really was like I do today, I did my best to stay true to who I was. We spend our entire lifetime becoming the woman we are inside. That’s a loaded question, bubba.

“Is it always a struggle though mom? Will it ever get easier to be me?” Her daughter asks.

“Yes...and no. With time, experiences—whether good or bad, both are important to the process of being the real you with ease—and even practise, you’ll realize that being you is one of the most beautiful things you can ever do. And staying true to that real being is the most beautiful thing of all.”

Her daughter pauses, puzzled in epiphany, “So what you’re saying is…I’m already me. And when I go through life, experience things, make decisions, hold on to my faith, and be a leader in my life instead of a follower, then the true woman in me will continue to manifest?”


Her daughter sighs, “a learning curve, but I think I can do it.”

“I know you can do it, bubba. You’re more you everyday we sit and chat together. I can tell.”

“Well mom it takes a strong woman to make a strong woman. And if what you’re telling me is true about womanhood, then all that you’ve been through, though wearisome, has helped the real you come full circle.

As much as you say you wish you had more time, I think the real woman you are needed to manifest at this time, at this moment, for this season. The first half of your life isn’t wasted, it was shaping you. And as much as we find it difficult to be who we are in this world, there’s no one we’d rather be…or can be.

The End.

Thank you Marnie & Alexsayah for sharing your beautiful hearts and a glimpse of your story. Sweet sweet!

She Is Identified is a movement, so make sure you check them our and give them a follow at @sheisidentified.

Read more about their book PACIFICATION: The Lock in our Chains and buy it here.

That was all for the september theme Exploring Womanhood. It’s the first time I’m trying to have a theme on A Wildflowers Home, so it’s been a bit trial and error, but I’m, honoured by all the courageous and beautiful wildflowers who’ve share their heart and story with me.

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A Wildflowers Home // Exploring Womanhood // A conversation about being a woman between the mother-daughter duo Marnie & Alexsayah behind @sheisidentified