// january favourites

( there might be affiliate links in my favourites if some of them are buyable - I earn a little commission for each sale made through my affiliate links, but it won't affect your prices.)

music: united pursuit ft Andrea Marie especially; “let it happen” and “head to heart” are my favourites and probably will be for a long time. 

movie:the giver” - i love books & movies about different societies, they are realistic, yet very far from the society i’m used too. it gives me perspective and might even make me grateful for for the society i live in. this movie is one of them, starring Katie Holmes, Meryl Streep & Taylor Swift + other great actors i didn’t knew before i saw this movie. as a creative i loved how beautiful and creative this movie was, the story was a bit different, yet with a little romance in a world, that've never felt it before. it made me look at my world with different eyes. a real feel-good movie. it’s also based on a book, which in my opinion, often are the best movies.

artist: Joana Vasconcelos - on my birthday the 11th, I visited aros (art museum in aarhus). if you follow my instagram you might've seen some details from her big art-piece in the middle of the many-floored tall museum-building.  i love details and this beautiful beautiful art piece with lots of fabric and 1000s of tiny tiny details included small mirrors and lots of beads and pearls.

book: “if I stay” and the sequel “where she went” - i’m planing on starting a little book club where i (and others?) review and talk about books i’ve read, i might do one of this sequel as well, so stay tuned!

instagram: @teaheritage they make small customized tea bags in all shapes you can dream of. I'm a fan!

blog: elle & co - she is a blogging expert & the best thing is; she uses squarespace - as me! i barely know any young female blogger who uses squarespace, nonetheless blogs and advice about it. so she's a keeper! + she's authentic.

youtube: i just found the british youtuber Lucy Moon. and i just like her, her talks and authenticity + vulnerability. 

podcast: leadstories podcasts - the humorous woman Jo & Steph gets serious about leading as a woman. not many places you hear wisdom from leading woman.

beauty product: my new (and first) lipstick (read more on insta here). it was a fun and brave choice for me. it's a bit dark, and have a colour of a little purple-plummy-ish? goes great with my newly coloured purple hair!

snack: just posted a story on my insta today about some big soft cookies with white chocolate and berries! berries are underrated in cookies - YUM!


that's my favourites this month . What are yours?

// xx Line <3