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I announced on instagram a little while back(here) that I wanted to explore being a woman. exploring the feminine gender. get to know my cycle and thereof get to know myself and how my body and energy works. exploring what it means being a woman. go on a journey and try to navigate through all the noise. all the mess. that this man dominating world has created. it's time we stop being the victim, stop being oppressed, but it doesn't start by being more like a man. women have their own strengths. our own way of fighting. I wanna fight like a girl. research like a woman. embrace my femininity. with all it bears. 

I have no idea where this is gonna take me, but I hope to learn a lot. a get to learn from a lot of amazing woman.

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I will also be sharing lots of great hashtags, resources, books, podcasts, videos and other amazing woman to follow, listen to and learn from.

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PS: I'd love to hear from you! 
if you've got something on your heart on this months themes, it's still not too late, DM me and we'll chat. Follow some great hashtags, read an awesome book or are thrilled about a podcast about woman? Share in the comments or DM me on my social media. I'd love to explore new woman and I might even feature it in one of my posts (& it's okay to mention yourself if you believe you fall under that category)