a letter to // my sister in heaven

this is not a sad letter about a sister who died to early - though that might be the case. It’s more like a wondering letter.

this is a letter to my sister, whom I never met, not even sure that she is a she. But that’s what I think anyway. 

She never got to see the world. She died before she had the chance. I didn’t found out about it till I was in my teens, but nevertheless she’s family. And this is my letter to you..

Dear sister in heaven. 

first I have to ask; is it true? are unicorns real in heaven? do you ride them?
i wonder if you're friends with lions, play with rhinos and swim with whales?

What is heaven like? I wonder what you’re up to now? 
can you watch TV? is there a channel where you can watch me and our family?

I wonder if you ever ask about me? About us, your family? I imagine that you are laughing with us from heaven and sometimes even at us. I probably would too sometimes, hah. 
I wonder if you are anything like me? Do you like going to cafés just to journal and drink a latte? I wonder what music you're into. I wonder what makes you sing-along. I wonder if there are songs that makes you thread a tear. I wonder if we ever listened to the same song at the same time? Oh, I gotta ask, do you enjoy pinterest as much as me? Wonder what you are pinning? 

I wonder if you look like me? Do we have any similarities? So far we have a blondie-sister and a brownie-sister. Maybe you're the redie-sister? I wonder if you have green eyes like me? I'm the only one in the family, unless you have too? I wonder if you have freckles all over your face like our brother on only on the nose and cheeks like me? 

I wonder what you fill your time with? I imagine you bake a lot, making all kinds of heavenly treats. I wonder if you're as a great listener as I think you are. Wonder what you like talking about. I wonder if you like to go on adventures. I wonder which countries you'd travel if you could put your feet there. I wonder what places you travel to in heaven? 

I wish I could hear your voice. Listen to your heart.

I'm sorry you never got the chance to have a life on earth,
but I'll see you in heaven!


// Love,

    your sister on earth <3