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This month I’m Exploring Womanhood and I asked my friend, Martyna from Poland, some questions on what being a woman looks like in her life, in her country AND being a polish woman in America (she lived in Texas for 6 months exploring her art).

If you don’t already know Martyna I can tell you that she’s a very artistic, generous and kind woman. She’s courageous and brave because she dares to go her own way, even when everyone around her goes the other way. She also has her own blog where she writes in both english and polish, I mean.. if keeping a blog in one language isn’t enough. You go girl!

I have a guest post on mindless scrolling coming for you on her blog, but more about that later.. and let’s get started with the interview.

What about being woman makes you proud?

What makes me proud is the fact that us women we see things from different perspectives that guys. Our way of thinking is usually different and more advanced (proofed by researches).

I grew up surrounded by women who were mainly working at homes (cooking, cleaning etc). They didn’t have so much money to spend on nice clothes or jewelry, what made them look really modest, sometimes not really feminine.

When I was a kid I had one woman that I was super impressed by and was trying to be just like her. She was an American lady who came to Poland to help with mission for children and youth. She was really loving person. What impressed me the most was her deep relationship with God that I could saw through the way she was worshipping and walking in prophetic anointing. I’d been always wanting to be able to hear God’s voice in my life so it seemed like I met a perfect person to learn from.

What are some of the biggest cultural differences about the woman in your country and country you live in now?

In my country (red. Poland) many women are still caught up in the old way of thinking like “man should be the one working more and providing money for our family” while in USA it seems like both man and woman work the same. Sometimes woman is the one who earns more money that man. In some place in Poland women are not allowed to teach in many churches just because of their sex. In America most of the churches allow women to teach and even to be a pastor.

What traditions for women in other cultures do you you admire?

This year I got a chance to be in USA during the Mother’s Day. It’s a HUGE for Americans. Not only children buy chocolate and flowers for their moms, but women are being given all kinds of cards, wishes, flowers and gifts by their husbands, parents, family and friends. Motherhood is a big thing and is celebrated as a big day for women. I love it!

What do you wish to see in our culture for the next generation of women to grow up in?

I wish in next generation people will respect women more than they do now. Sometimes I feel like women are being disrespected or treated worse than men only because of their sex. They are not treated the same in many aspects of life even something basic like business. I wish next generation would be more tolerant and respectful no matter of the sex.

In our culture today, what do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about being a woman?

I deeply believe women are capable to do whatever they put their minds to. They are able to achieve more than they think. They are able to be leader of the nations and voice of those who are speechless. They can change our world into something better. They are stronger than they think, because their strength is not defined by their physical bodies but their strong minds. I think today’s world really doesn’t understand power that women have. The world thinks women are weak, because their bodies are not as strong as male bodies. The world thinks they weak because their voices are softer and not as tough as male voices. But that’s not true. They were made to be strong because of their sensitivity, because of their gentleness. If people only understood that the true strength finds its place in our heart women would be treated differently.

What do you wish women were taught about being a women?

Everything from the previous answer :)
The same about men.

What do you think about wearing red lipstick?

I personally love wearing lipstick! Different shades of red, pink, burgundy! I think it makes you more confident and makes you look super nice and classy :)

Thank you Martyna for sharing about your experience on being a woman.
I wrote a piece about mindless scrolling “So you’re mindelessly scrolling?” on Martyna’s blog Krok w bokwhich means sidestep in english. It’s both in english and in polish (say what! I appreciate your hard work, Martyna!).

I talk about how we’re mindlessly scrolling and how important it is to be more conscious about what we fill our mind & soul with. I give some tips that I use + some great hashtags & accounts to follow that brings a little value and wisdom to your mindless scrolling. I worked really hard on it, so yes, I’m a proud mama. Hope on over to Martyna’s blog and have a happy reading!

Also, check out Martyna’s instagram right here + she recently started a Youtube channel, let’s show her a little love and appreciation and make the beautiful wildflower that she is feel at home!

That was all for now.
Thanks for reading along!

// Line Xx!

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when things doesn't go as expected // part 1

It’s been almost a year now, since I left Poland.

For those of you who don’t know, in 2016 I was interning, a good handful of months, at a missionary base in Lublin.

I ended up having to interrupt the stay, to take care of myself and my health.
Especially my mental health.
(If you follow me along on my instagram, where I try to be open and vulnerable, in terms of helping others feel less alone, and breaking some taboos, you probably know some of what I’m talking about.)

Even though most of the reason why I burned out, happened before I even went to Poland, it was still in Poland I burned out. Crashed. Burned. Said stop. Finally took the decision to stop this madness.

Things probably would have been different in Poland, if all the "stuff" before Poland, hadn’t happened, but things could also have ended a lot different, if my time in Poland wouldn't have been so difficult.


It wasn’t until a couple of weeks after I left Poland, settled down, breathed and tried to let go of all the pressure.. that everything came crashing down. I was so relieved for it to be over, but it was like all the feelings I hadn’t let myself feel in a very long time, (maybe even my whole life) came up to the surface.
I no longer had the energy to stuff them down. Put a lid on. Not even filter them. 
I was feeling all the feels, I was having all the emotions.. at the same time. All the time. No breaks. 
They all came, like a big flock of wild horses. Running. Over me. 
it was  O V E R W H E L M I N G  to say it the least. 
It was unexpected, but then again.. how could I possibly know what to expect. 

So you can say, it hasn’t been an easy ride.

I feel like I've healed enough for me to be able to make an official closure to it. 
There will probably be things I will process for the rest of my life, but I like putting a closure on things. Make a formal good bye, so I have a clear or physical evidence, that I'm done.
When I left it all happened very rushed and quick. There wasn't much energy or time to do it properly, so this is me trying, to do it properly. With a lot of the feels more settled. 

As an ending to it all, I'm using all the good footage from my time there & I've made it into two video, in some kind of artsy vlog style. (they are at the buttom & also on my Youtube-channel.)
 I'm making another post where I'll feature some of my favourite shots from photo trips and memories around Poland, mostly Lublin. They will also occasionally show up on my instagram. 

I’ve also written a little letter. I’m writing it to Poland, as a symbol of what I would say if my time in Poland was a person.
I will publish that later this week. 

This is part 1 of my closure with Poland. I'm calling the series: when things doesn't go as expected.

So here are two small videos - or memories as I would like to call them, from my time in Poland.
I hope you like them as much as me.

xoxo Line


listmaker // 1st week as a polish citizen

Big trees in a big open field. The beauty of nature! & the big blue sky & the beautiful green mark. Wuaw! It's even more beautiful when you look through your eyeball & not just an iPhone 4a lens.  

Big trees in a big open field. The beauty of nature! & the big blue sky & the beautiful green mark. Wuaw! It's even more beautiful when you look through your eyeball & not just an iPhone 4a lens. a born&raised scandinavian you are not used to the men being very.. "gentle". No offence! The blame probably goes a lot the culture, BUT when you then come to an eastern-europe country like Poland.. You feel like a freaking princess!👸🏻 Here's a little story about some polish gentlemen that made my day..

I went out for a little bikeride, but quickly discovered both tires were flat. Some men were working on the the neighbours house, laughed a little & started babbling in polish to me, I asked if he spoke english, but he just kept on speaking polish (lol), he then made a sign for me to follow & he quickly found a pump for my bike & the other guys who worked on the house joined & started pumping my bike. Ain't a lucky one? Oh yes, I felt like a princess. I said one of necessary words you need to know in any language: dziękuję. You guessed it? Well, it means "Thank you". He repeated the word a couple a times, chuckled & continued speaking polish. Oh well, can't wait to actually understand what they are saying, but until now I can only smile & wave goodbye to the nice gentlemen. Being nice, no matter how - just make the day. Even more when it's to strangers.. credit to the polish people!

So.. after this cute little story, to make you feel warm about the heart & hopefully a little smile.. I'm gonna continue with a little list of what I like about Poland so far. So if you ever wonder about going to Poland this could hopefully be a little helpful for you :)

  • since we're on it.. The polish Gentlemen !!
  • when you're from Scandinavia.. Poland is extremely cheap - mega PLUS. I've even heard it's one of the cheapest countries in Europe. 
  • they have HUGE cheap second-hand stores with line upon line upon line upon line upo.. yeah, you get the point - filled with clothes, clothes & more clothes + some smaller cute ones. I once found a leatherjacket for only 12 zloty or a shirt for only 3 zloty. (you figure out the valuta, hah!) So new wardrobe for me. (which sounds like a dream when you have been living in a suitcase for about a year..)
  • they have the weirdest, most random tastes in gum. But it's goood. I love trying new tastes & it's cheap. It's a win-winA little polish lesson for you: gum is guma (go-oma) in polish. You're welcome!
  • since we're talking about weird combinations of tastes'n'stuff.. The juice is with every fruit and every mix you can think of + 11 more.. I'm telling ya. My tastebuds are defiantly on adventures down here. 
  • They've got flipping tictac MINIONS!!! if you're not following my instagram, first of all: shame on you! Second of all: you missed the epic photo of my new mini-minions friends in tictac-version!! But I've got your back ;) Click here too see the photo.
  •  I get to use & see the letters C, Z & W a looot more.. cause we don't use'em much where I lived before.. unless you were in a WC-zone? But who is? I haven't even heard of it. Anywaaays.. Next!
  • New nature, cities, places, buildings.. To explore! I love exploring. New places to bike, new places to photograph, new people to meet, new houses to get inspired by, new food to taste.. I'm just trying to enjoy the magic of new beginnings. #wanderlust (some small travel guides may appear on the blog sooner or later)
  •  Street-entertainers. I don't know if that has an 'official' word or name? But that's my word for it. They have those in Scandinavia too, but it's just like they have a little more here.. & then the creativity flows a little more. At least there's this bubble-guy. Who makes huuuge & beautiful bubbles who attracts every child & uh.. Childlike-soul like me :)
This beautiful garden is polish nature, my friends. My new favorite place to bike too.. Soon I'll bring my real camera, but for this listmaker-post all I'll give you is a iPhone-shot. You're welcome. It looks like a winemark, but idk what it is. 

This beautiful garden is polish nature, my friends. My new favorite place to bike too.. Soon I'll bring my real camera, but for this listmaker-post all I'll give you is a iPhone-shot. You're welcome. It looks like a winemark, but idk what it is. 

// Line Thybo ✨