listmaker // Christmas favourites (holiday edition)

Soo, to honour the beautiful season we're in right now I wanted to make this weeks friday list a little more special. I added some water, little dash of colour, some (horse?)hair and a tree in it's finest form + a very important sparkle of creativity..

If you have connected the dots - you know what I'm talking about: watercolour, a brush (that's the hairy-thing.. I've heard it's horse-hair? But I'm not sure!) aaand paper - made of woods ;) + my very own creativity. So here you've got 3 sneakpeaks of my christmas list. The whole art-page will be on instagram, BUT it's not a trick I still got the list for you.. right under the next photo.

My christmas favourites - list

  • all the beautiful decoration

  • all the lights in trees, bushes, houses candles, etc...

  • familytime <3

  • gifts

  • so much love

  • all the christmas movies

  • vacation!

  • confectionary

  • santa claus

  • christmas-DiY