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since this is the first “note from a littlesister”, I Line will just quickly jump in and say a few things. If you didn’t hear about the new series here on AWH, I recommend checking out this little post first where I introduce the series, right here.

while his months theme is pioneering, the theme is meant as a “loose guideline” for the writers, how they choose to interpret is, is up to them, and what makes it the more exciting. If you didn’t catch my little introduction of the pionerring theme and what that has to do with wildflowers, you can read it here.

Ingrid, who is the writer behind this monthly series “note from a littlesister”. I’m so so so excited to see her grow as a writer, her voice and see where this is gonna take her and us as the readers. This is her first piece she’s ever written for a blog, so show her some love and appreciation. She did a little interview and telling her story a few years back, you can read that here, if you wanna more about her story.

That’s all I had to say. And the last time I interrupt so rudely, I give the word over to Ingrid, and hope you’ll enjoy, be inspired and feel encourage from a littlesister!

Dear you!

Don’t be scared. You´re amazing. Even if everyone around you tells you you´re not. Don’t listen to them. I know it´s hard, but I also know that you can handle it and stand against it. Everyone who tells you that you can´t handle things, is just trying to beat you down. If you want to do something big in your life, do it. Not for everyone else, but for you and only you. You are the only one who will receive something from your choices. If you fail, that will be on you, not them. And if you success, that will be on you as well. Nobody can take that away from you. You can do anything you want. It´s hard to stand against the hate, and I know that and have experienced that my own. It´s like being on a stage where everyone can see your failure and laugh at you. It´s horrible and I wish you could see that you´re not like what they tell you. You are strong, and you can do it. Just believe it, and you´ll get through. No matter how many people there are to beat you down, there will always be that person who reach for your hand to help you stand again. I promise. Me myself has coped with so much. Teachers who told me I couldn’t do things, people around me I thought was my friends telling me I´m not what they expected, my parents giving up on me, and friends telling me to stop doing what I want. I know the feeling of being beaten down. It´s horrible. As a 6-year-old girl I started shooting. And trust me people has told me that girls shouldn´t do it, and that its dangerous, and telling me that my dad is crazy who let me shoot at such a young age. But you know what? I didn´t listened to them. I´m here 12 years later doing what I love and taking a class that makes me a hunter. This is what I love to do, and I really hope that I one day can be the best. Through me 18 years of living, I´ve learned a lot, but the most important thing I´ve learned is that not everyone is going to like me or my plans for life. I think a lot of people look at me and laugh. Like how an 18-year-old girl can be the best hunter. If I let the words people tell me choose what to do, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My dad always believed in me when it comes to shooting. He always supports me no matter what. If I have a bad day at the shooting club, he gives me a clap on the shoulder and tells me that the next time I can make it better. It´s these people you should surround yourself with. The ones who believes in you even when you didn’t make it your best. It´s those people who will be there till the end and support you no matter what. They will always have your back and they will fall with you and not standing look at you fall. They will also raise again with you. So, whatever you dream to do, do it. Don’t let other people think of you like a loser, cause you´re many things, but you´re not a loser. You´re a winner and you will always be even tho you fail a couple of times.

Who is the writer? Where can you learn more about this person?

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