Thursday's 7 reason why you should join #awildflowerchat

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I'm starting a monthly twitter chat about being a wildflower! Wuhu!
It's gonna be the last Thursday every month from 9-10 pm CET (Central European Time).

Starting tonight! I wrote about it on instagram here.. but I'm also here to give you 7 quick and good reason to join tonight!

I will be hosting it, you can find me on twitter here. And the hashtag here. 



1. meet likeminded people. talking about something you have a passion for, with others is bound to turning into some cool connections and new friendships. (this is the MAIN reason why I do it, getting to know you!)

2. learn something new. whatever if it's about someone else or about yourself or about in general of being a wildflower. 

3. have a good time! being in a space with other wildflowers, leaving your everyday life and problems for a good hour in good company is an hour well-spent. it might even count as a little self-care. (hint: I choose to make it so late (especially for us in europe) because most kids are in bed AND for us night owls)

4. get to know yourself a little better. when we share our experiences and knowledge about being a wildflower and living the wildflower life we might learn a thing or two about ourselves from each other.

5. maybe heal a little. sometimes being a wildflower means being misunderstood. a lot. that sometimes hurts. by sharing our experiences with people who understand and don't judge us, can heal us a little.

6. bloom. being surrounded by other wildflowers makes you wanna bloom. "a flower doesn't compete with other flowers, it just blooms"

7. it's free of course and I'll be very happy to get to hang out with you!


so i'll see you then?
please don't leave me hanging! 

And again you can find me on twitter here. And the hashtag here. (oh and give this tweet a retweet to spread the message)

Oh, and please let me know if you plan to join! :D

// bye, Line xx


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