August Word from the Planter


This photo always represented childlikeness for me.

It was a summer, when I lived in Bergen (Norway) and had to work work work to pay off some dept while all my friends where out of town visiting family or on vacation.

I had many afternoons where I walked around town with my camera and photographed.

This photo is from a designer toy store. I think. At least the toys weere fine quality and from fancy brands. Then these little transparent bubbles in pastel sea colours caught my eyes.

I’ve always loved to play with the focus on my camera. And with these bubbles, the playfulness & just the space.. a store for toys. It’s the perfect place to explore the childlikeness! 🤩

I was also in a season, maybe the end of it (but does it really end though? 🙈) of letting out my child. Letting her play. Freely and shamelessly.

Bergen is a beautiful city with lots of fun little pockets, corners and houses. That summer I really let my childlike wonder get freedom to go on adventures and have fun with my camera and creativity.

It was actually a big part of me that I somehow had neglected.

I don’t think it was anything dramatic or traumatic, but somewhere in my childhood I stopped being a child. Somehow I didn’t feel like I could be a child.

So I’ve taken revenge. Revenge from the stolen childlike moments of my childhood. I let her out. Let her play. Let her get excited and curious over the magic of life.

I let her wonder. Wonder freely without shame or the fear of friends and people judging me. 

It was like I got to know new sides of me.

It did come as a little shock to me though that not everyone around me were as thrilled as I was. They misunderstood my new-found-love of childlikeness as childish and I was called immature several times.

I’d always been the mature kid. Always told by every adult and teacher and parents how mature I was. “The good kid”.. blah. So when I finally dared to show my childlikeness it felt very vulnerable. Was that side of my going to be accepted? My “identity” most of my kid- and teen years I’d been the girl who was mature for her age.

But why wouldn’t people let me be childlike without calling me immature?

But I’d heard a quote my C. S. Lewis that I clung to, and it went something like this:

“someday you’ll be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

It spoke *deeply* to my Childlike soul. On so many levels. I told myself that those people still weren’t “old” enough yet. It was their loss, but hopefully one day they could lower their shoulders and let out their Childlikeness. But it wasn’t gonna stop me from being Childlike now!

And right in the midst of my confusion, where I almost felt I had to put a lid on myself - again, an unexpected friend, had some encouraging (prophetic) words for me. (if you believe in the Holy Spirit, she told her some things to tell me, and they were SPOT ON - Ewa if you’re reading this, I’m talking about you!)

She told me my childlike heart was something that was put inside of me. That I shouldn’t care about how others would react or think. I could be free to be me, and explore my wonder.. I could embrace my childlike soul while being a mature and respected person. Those things didn’t have to be compromised.

It taught me that even when those close to me or just in my surroundings didn’t understand or tried to hold me down of who I’m suppose to be. That they weren’t ready for that side of me yet, and that’s okay. They can tell me all they want that I’m childish and make fun of me, but that says a lot more about them then about me.

Sadly it’s often like that, when we grow and bloom, someone is trying to stop us. It is then our job and responsibility not to listen to those voices, but keep trusting ourselves, our childlike souls and wondering hearts and don’t let those afraid to look foolish tame us. 

We are wildflowers after all. We can’t me tamed. And I think one of the biggest tricks to stay childlike, is not “growing up”. 

To quote Peter Pan “Growing up is a trap” and what I mean by that is, I think we can all relate to that “fear” we had as kids; to grow up and become one of those serious, boring and busy adults. 

Some of the things I do to keep my Childlike Wonder alive is:

  • Go on adventures (!!!!)

  • Let yourself Wonder. Don’t cut of your wondering with being busy and excuses. Lean in to it.

  • Are you curious to wear that street leads? Go! What’s holding you back? Check it out! And maybe bring a camera!

  • I keep a box full of small “treasures” that I find, often broken pieces, trash or small toys. I even color code them! It brings me so much JOY!

  • My style. I often wear fun jewelries, that I make myself.

  • Buy your favorite candy from when you were a kid - just because. (especially those candy-bracelets 😍)

  • Play with a kid. And I mean really PLAY. Get into the game. Play like you mean it (but be nice to the kid!)

  • Follow my Unicorn account @wondertheunicorn

I asked Erin aka Rorie @roriemusic about what she does to keep her Childlike Wonder alive and this is what she says:

“Cherishing stories and reading new and old books keeps that childlike wonder alive”

Last note, as I’m writing this my phone ticks in with a message, and I recently changed my message tone to “Kim Possible’s Message Tone”. Brings me so much JOY! 🤩

That’s what I have to say and share at this time. I’d love to hear your Childlike Wonder moments in the comments! Always looking to add to my list.

// Line,

the planter of A Wildflowers Home 🌻