// autumn show & tell

Autumn is soon over and we're entering the Christmas season (some of us already have *grinning big*).
I can't wait. I've made Christmas calendars for my family, already started decorating for Christmas and the Christmas-fairy-lights are up in my bedroom window. Yes! Now I only need some snow. 

Anyways, I'm starting something new. Some people to this once a month, until else is proven, for me it's enough with one for every season. I'm taking a trip down memory lane aka my phones photo gallery and look back on what I've been up to this month.. Sounds fun? I hope so. I think it's a good way for you get to know me a little and for me to remember the days.. 

here's some stories, snapshots and memories in no particular order.. Enjoy!




I went to one of my favourite places: Christiania in Copenhagen. It's a free town independent from the government, it's full of art, beautiful nature and creative handmade homes. It's like the time stopped in the 70s. If you haven't been, do yourself a favour and go visit. It's a must visit! It's different, the Christianites are independent, have their own recycle system, the houses are uniquely handcrafted by themselves and it's a culture you won't meet anywhere else in the world. And did I mention their art work? They have several different art shops and boutiques that's defiantly worth a visit. 
Oh well, I could keep talking about this place, I'll leave it for a separate post about Christiania one day.

Here are some of the quick snaps I took this time around..

A Wildflowers Home / Christiania art
A Wildflowers Home / Christiania colours
A Wildflowers Home / Christiania colourful boots
A Wildflowers Home / Christiania discoball
A Wildflowers Home / Christiania garden

I also posted the disco ball on instagram here.



My new studio

If you follow my instagram I've shared small bits and sneak peaks from my new studio on my stories (so far you've liked them!). Once I've fully settled in I'm gonna make a full tour (*excited inner squeal*), but until then here are a few snaps of what it currently looks like. 
The first photo is from before I even begin. The place was originally a fabric where they spun yarn, now it's a building with open & closed studios and offices for creative entrepreneurs, artist, designers and small businesses.  I'm in the open office, and got lucky! I got the corner - which means I've got walls (*dancing for my inner introvert*)!! I try to explain it as an indoor parking lot, where you can rent a "parking spot". 
A little community so all us independent people have an opportunity to have colleagues.
 And as usual, I'm scratching my nose - having a chronic itchy nose brings out the best photos (*rolls eyes*).

It's a pretty big risk. I don't earn any money yet, so it's currently only expenses, which worries me a little, so trying to stay calm and trusting I'm doing the right thing, is a bit nerve-wracking to say it the least. Some days are better than others, but I guess in years it's gonna be a good experience to look back on, I just hope it turns out good! 

Witht he studio comes a mail box (say what!) or those famous P.O. BOX address or whatever those YouTubers call it. It feels insanely cool to have my brands name on a professional piece of paper (can a paper be professional?)?  AND a mail box! It feels a little more real now.
So now people can actually send me stuff without me having to give out my personal address. Wild.



A Wildflowers Home / Spinderigade 11, Plads L7A, 7100 Vejle

Autumn angel

If you missed my post on instagram with the big leaves turned into wings, you can check it out here. 
A lot of you have probably heard about instagram-husbands, well I ain't got a husband yet, but I have a mom. She also seems to be quite popular on my instagram, my most liked photo ever is of my mom (which humours her a lot). This photo she's not even on, yet she still manages to capture the heart of the instagrammers, here are some sneak peak behind the scenes. I'm laying down on the grass, on a black plastic bag (my mom insisted) so this is literally my view from the ground.
The shot to the right was an experiment, but didn't make it (angel from the side). trying to capture the big wings (and my face not looking like a frog) was a lot harder than I thought and it did not turn out the way I hoped, but it became my second most liked and commented photo on instagram. So I guess it didn't turn out thaaat bad.  So for all of you who adore my mom, here she is - in action. Thank you mom! <3




Make a mood board with me

I made a mood board with beer bottle green & mustard curry yellow - vibes. Pretty cool.
I snapped a few shots with it a day when the light was playing on my wall. It was the season between summer and autumn. It's now gone, but don't worry I filmed myself making it (the video is down below) & I've got great plans for it to become a christmas-y winter wonderland wall soon and very soon. (I'll keep you posted!)  

A Wildflowers Home / moodboard wall light
A Wildflowers Home / Moodboard wall shadow


If you look through my iPhone photos this is what it'll tell you I've been up to.

What have you been up to this autumn (or fall) ?


// Line xx