// a pep talk from a 17 year old



5 years ago when I was 17, I attended a women's conference in Copenhagen called "forvandling" translates as "transformation" in english.

during the conference I attended a workshop directed at teens. 

we were given an assignment. we were to write a card to ourselves in 10 years. I know, I know. it's only been 5, but when I was cleaning out my stuff in my old room I found this little nugget. And I have to say I was a bit impress by the wisdom of my 17 year old self. 

so I decided I wanted to share it with you.
we can always use a little peptalk to motivate and inspire us.

I've made some minor changes due to some personal stuff, that just wouldn't make sense if you don't know me or is me - and translated it from danish to english, but the main points are there, and that's what I wanted to share.

so here I'll present you, the peptalk from a 17 year old.

" Dear *you* (insert your name).

I've just heard the coolest speaker in the world (Charlotte Gambill) sharing about taking responsibility for your own zone!

Stand up for your zone!

Use the talents, gifts, skills, characteristics and your personality to serve God. None of it is a coincidence. The stuff you've been through is not a coincidence. God can use that stuff  to help others. 
Appreciate your parents more. Be grateful for them.

Be grateful. Look at all the beautiful and overlooked, but important details.

Take responsibility for where you are now!
What's your zone?
Your family, friends, colleagues, maybe even people you lead? Are you a good leader? Do you remember the things you've been taught? Or is it time to look through your journals or notes again? 
Will you be proud of the things you do now in 1 week, 1 hour, 1 year, 10 years, when you're laying on your deadbed?

Stop for a minut.
Think a little..
Do you need to change direction?

PS: even though it's hard, remember the prize! "


I hope this little pep talk could inspire you in some way.
I'd love to keep this conversation going in the comments, so please don't be shy.


// Line xx!