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May I present you the third and last part of the interview I did with Marit, where she shares her story.

We started off by getting to know her, here, and then last time, in part 2, she courageously shared about her story, what had been hard, how she worked through it and what she learned. You can read that here. (I recommend reading them first)

And now, we're so lucky to get a sneak peak into her future. Marit is sharing her dreams & hopes for the future.


If you liked this little series of interview where Marit has shared her story, and are thinking this is something you might wanna do yourself? You can read more about it here, the vision behind it, why I do it, why I think you should do it and other all the other people I've had on the blog. I'd love to share your story too..

..but now, it's Marit's turn..

If you don't think about boxes, society, peoples opinions, educations, money or jobs, what would you love to do for a lifetime / what are you dreaming of doing?

I’m dreaming of being a missionary and live that full time. Go around to hospitals and pray for the sick to get healed, preach the gospel and see people get saved. I’m burning to see hearts made whole and people having good relationships with their parents. We are living in a fatherless generation, and my heart is burning for people to have good relationships with their fathers and mothers. I  wanna break the whole fatherless generation, I wanna heal the fathers so they don’t break their children, and I have a heart for mothers to be strong, healed and not let them be or feel oppressed.

That's what I feel my calling is - and this song describes what I'm point in a good way. 
Especially this quote from the song resonates with me;

“all men are broken, and broken men break their children” 

You can listen and watch it here:


If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to do?

A firelady. I just like action in general.


If you could learn one random skill, what would you like to learn?

How to speak a lot of different languages, be super fast to learn other languages and speak them pretty well.


What do you look the most forward to experiencing about getting  "older"?

Being free to chase after my dreams and what I love to do. Like traveling all around the world, see others country and culture.


What’s your childhood dream? Are you still pursuing that?

I wanted to be a vet/animal doctor. And no, I'm not chasing that dream anymore now. but I'm chasing after being able to have a couple of pets, like two dogs and a cat.


What do you think about more than anything else?

Jesus and training/workouts.


Who is someone that amazes and inspires you? & why?

Someone that inspires me is Havilah Cunnington. I am amazed by how she is living out her calling in life, and still, have a family and make the normal life work with her calling in everyday life. She has 4 boys, are married and have a dog, yet she is still traveling a lot and preaches the gospel.  She is burning to see people get into their calling in life and know who they are in Jesus Christ and their purity. And that's also what I want to do. Traveling a lot around the world - preaching the gospel still, have a wonderful family life with kids and have a dog or two



Thank you again, for sharing your hearts with us.

I hope this somehow resonated you, inspired you and gave you hope for your future and dreams. 

Marit will be responding to the comments, so if you have something on your heart or a question, feel free to leave them below!


That's it. Thanks for reading!

// Line

Model: Marit
Photographer: Line Thybo