// 22 accomplishments at 22

it's been a week since my 22nd birthday the 11th of january, do i have a birthday-twin out there? please, make yourself known, i don't know anyone yet. i'm also slooowly getting used to the new number, anyone else finding that hard? my 21st year, was probably my hardest year yet, so this year I decided to look at some at the things that happened to me // accomplished as a 21 year old with a grateful heart, so I also can remember and focus on the good things that happened to me that year.

  1. i lived in 3 different countries - norway, poland and denmark.
  2. i started learning my 5th language; polish - I speak danish, norweigan & english fluently/native and german "pretty basic" (understand best when i read) + a little bittle polish now too.
  3. i moved to my 3rd country - this was the year that i moved to eastern europe; poland. on e of the biggest cities called lublin. so beautiful, charming city. i will defiantly write posts about this city later on!
  4. i leaded my 1st team trip at all + my 1st overseas - one in norway + one in denmark - where i even got to share my heart with some amazing young danes.
  5. i tried a lot of mutant interpretations; norwegian - english (and vice versa) as a part of an internship on an international bibleschool + "normal" interpretation - from a stage though - from norwegian to danish at a conference (that felt weird btw) the thing is that norwegian and danish are basically the same, but i use my tongue very different, when talking.
  6. represented my bibleschool in stavanger at impuls - a big christian youth conference in norway, but it came with a prize; 13 hour trip that normally takes about 5, car broke down twice, a storm cancelled one of our ferries which meant we had to drive a 5 hour longer detour, crashed the car in a mini parking house, got low blood sugar + broke our candy bowl, hah. but it all ended good and i got closer to an amazing woman who was my partner in crime during the whole time.
  7. i met a lot of new friends from all over the world! - poland, ukraine, phillipines, america, denmark, norway, sweden, england, germany, canada, mexico.. to name a "few".
  8. became a full time volunteering missionary - for about half a year on the east coast in a big city called lublin in poland. which leads me too..
  9. i launched my blog - if that step hadn't happened you my dear reader, wouldn't be hear. and i wouldn't write this - so thanks for reading along!
  10. i got insta-serious - not exactly sure what that means, but i decided to get more serious, i read a lot of articles, blogs and guides on instagram this summer, met some new insta-friends, learned about hashtags and insta-themes (finally landed on enouraging 90s grunge), grown over 300 new followers + got over 400 likes for the first time on this photo of my mom. find me here if you haven't already!
  11. created my art account on instagram; @handmade_bymidnight - i wanted to be a part of a community on insta + have a place to show my art and connect with likeminded artists and have a place to get feedback + hold myself accountable to; check it out here and make me happy! the name? i make a lot of things with my hands, and around midnight is usually where my creativity and hands floooooow.
  12. became a social media manager - i started and/or managed a instagram account, facebook page, news blog + filmed, edited and posted news and testimony videos and photos - interesting doing it for an organisation and not just myself.
  13. learned a lot about communication - the good, the bad and the ugly way. but most importantly i learned what it looks like when it works and when it doesn't. i learned this the really hard way, but it's some valuable lessons & great tools i'm very grateful for.
  14. wrote my first newsletters ever - as a part of being a missionary we wrote monthly newsletters to those who signed up for them. it was both a privilegde and scary writing about me, my experienced and things that happened both in my life and in the missionary work that we did. i guess it was good training for one day opening a newsletter for my blog, maybe?
  15. visited dresden on my first morningstar conference - if you haven't read rick joiner's book - you need to go google him. his books changed my life in my teen years + his prophetic ministry; morningstar - is worth following and learning from. bonus: i also got to see dresden by day! beautiful city with lots of history and unique buildings. 
  16. the age i discovered body positivity and finally accepted that i could love my body & that it is a life long journey, but it's totally worth it. thanks to all you brave instagrammers out there who change the world, one body at the time!
  17. roadtrippin' from east poland to east germany - that bus ride (2 busses) took me 14 hours - if i had a car it would've taken about 8 hours.. at least i didn't have to drive and could enjoy the ride + i had wifi the first 9 hours!
  18. took a big stand for myself - i finally realized that i had put myself and my body last on my priority range, it came with a huge cost - I'm still paying for it - but i would pay an even higher prize if i hadn't said stop (read more about that in my last post)
  19. invested in a (life important) heart course - with christa black gifford. she's a hero and she's probably the most authentic, raw and transparent person i've ever experienced. google her, read, listen & learn everything you can from her. it's life changing! should probably mention that it's not about h physical heart, but learning to listen to your heart, your self and your wounds - which is where your reactions, feelings and emotions comes from. it's all about the inner life. we go to the doctor when we break our leg, but we do nothing when our heart breaks, something is wrong and she's changing the world, one heart at the time.. maybe your heart is next?
  20. got a new family member - 17th of september my first niece was born. oh happy day! i've never seen such a cliché dad as my brother, but i love it. if you read this bro, you're a cute dad!
  21. achieved a child wish and got my first polaroid camera! - my whole childhood, teenage years + young adult life i was looking forward to the day i would hold my first polaroid camera - and yay for me cause they just got back in store and i got my dear instax mini 90 neo classic  - the brown one. you can see my first experiments so far here, here & here.
  22. coloured my hair purple - on my last day i coloured my hair purple and bought myself a dark(er) lip stick - my first actually.. I made a whole Insta-post on that here. new year, new me, right? 

januarykids, what accomplishments have you done this past year of yours? and when is your birthday? anyone an 11th like me?

xx Line