listmaker // inspiring women

These are some woman (in no particular order) that have taught me so well with their wisdom, giving me so much hope with their transparent and beautiful hearts. I can only encourage you to check out the links on different youtube-videos + just watch and listen to them. It will change your life - I promise! Or else I will eat a frog - yeah I'm that serious. Heh.

  • Abi Stumvoll - raw, beautiful and speaks da truth directly to ya heart, man. BAM!
  • Havilah Cunnington - she speaks with authority and bravely talks up about what everybody shut up's about. doubleBAM!
  • Steffany Grietzinger - she knows how to be 100% HERSELF. She ain't gonna apologise for who she is - and she sings with a powerful, prophetic voice. Her first CD messes me up. SHAKA!
  • Amanda Cook -  she writes out her beautiful strong heart, play the piano powerful and prophetic and just rock her edgy bob! Her lyrics on her CD touches me and changes me every time. MHM!
  • Kim Walker-Smith - this woman just rock the stage in every way. Her crispy & POWERFUL prophetic voice. Her humor&honesty when she preach. Did I mention the songwriting and WISDOM she beholds? 
  • Charlotte Gambill - she just challenge me SO much - in a very good way. I love her transperency and humor on stage while she share wisdom learned from her own life. YOU GO GIRL!
  • Cristine Caine - australian wise lady. She just knows how to SAY it. "Don't wait till you're THERE, start HERE!" CABOOM!
  • Misty Edwards - her story (link on the name - I DARE you!) just blow my mind. THIS is a woman of God. I adore her heart! Big inspiration and a WARRIOR. BAMMY!
  • Kristene DiMarco - I just love her deep, calm voice. Her heart, her wisdom - her cool style. Girl you're gorgeous! 
  • Stasi Eldredge - This woman change my life and heart since I was a little teenager. Her books: 'Captivating' and 'Becoming myself' is life changing! Read the first when I was about 15 and currently reading the second one and is changing me - inside out! Thank you for your transparency!

I think it is important that we all have people we look up to in our lifes. I don't have the privilege to know any of these women in person - yet. But they are all worldchangers and if you have a dream - learn what other people have done before you! They are the greatest teachers. They have so much wisdom. So here are a few woman - that should not be taken for granted. I could probably put on a dozen more and maybe I will eventually, but here you have a few to start with - if you like :)


// Line Thybo