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for this “exploring womanhood” month, I’m gonna share my favorite women to follow on instagram and a sentence or two on why I do.. maybe you’ll find someone new to follow too.
And let me know your favourites and why on instagram and in the comments below!

let’s celebrate each other! let’s celebrate women!

@spirituallysexy - a private group for women exploring their feminine sides and sexuality by Christa Black Gifford. she is one of THE most raw and brutally honest women I’ve ever come across. I don’t think there is any taboos left she haven’t talked about. get ready to step out of your comfortzone. it’s so freeing!

@morgandaycecil - a women’s coach on the road to feminine wholeness. she’s a tender lioness. roaring her truth. daring to be. doesn’t make excuses. blooming. and expecting you to do the same.

@theslumflower - a woman teaching us, that we don’t need to be pretty to be worthy. that saggy boobs is okay. no need to look like the girls portrayed in the media to be worthy. and she’s speaking up about the nonsense women are taught in this world.

@arielleestoria - one of my favorite artists on instagram, she’s a spoken words artist that speaks right. to. your. soul. + she makes live dance videos in her car every friday while sharing her heart. beautiful woman inside out! one day I’m gonna sit down and have coffee with her!

@bethanyfolkmusic - this woman speaks to me on so. many. levels. things I didn’t even know inspired me. she’s one of my best instagram friends and I can’t wait to one day meet her in real life as well. she’s also a folk- and indie singer songwriter and have build (with her husband) her own harp.

@agirlnamedleney - she lives a life that can’t be measured. her successes aren’t the “mainstream” ones, they’re hers.. and she’s living her best intentional life. people who chose to not follow the mainstream, culture and traditions just because, but stops up and asks why and THEN make their own stream, culture and traditions; always inspires me. I can’t get enough of her words and photography.

@kay_ska - a self love coach. she’s real and raw and she chooses JOY after many years without joy. her account feels bright on a dark day with her wild danceparties and encouraging words, she speaks truth.

@charlgambill - one of my heroes. heard her speak for the first time when I was 15 and I’ve been following her since. she lives a crazy life, travels a lot, have a beautiful family and dare to dream bigger and bigger for each day and runs 5 miles every morning. she always inspires me to push my comfortzone.

@allisonkimmey - is intentional about how she speaks about her body to raise her kids not to hate or compare their bodies, but to be confident in who they are, whether muscle-y or with more fat. she’s the woman who started #glitterstripes.

@bodyposipanda - pink & purple hair, lots of unicorns and body-love SASS. this woman is a force that has taken instagram by storm. she she’s an eating-disorder-surviver now calling out all the stuff that media tells you to keep buying their diet-products that doesn’t work anyway.

@danasuchow - educates the world, teachers, doctors, dieticians, girls, boys.. how dangerous diet culture is. she speaks up. she speaks truth. she does her research. and it. is. good.

@torikelly - she’s got a beautiful strong voice, she doesn’t sing like the mainstream, she sings songs that matters. she sings her heart. she is relatable.

@tollydollyposh - a young woman, but a big advocate for slow fashion. she educates about slow & ethical vs fast fashion and makes the best fashion GIFs to take care of the world.

@_clairebaker_ - has taught me almost everything I know about my cycle. she taught me to be friends with it and how to work WITH it and not AGAINST it. I’m excited to explore and learn about my cycle.

@mamalinauk - she lives and preaches about a #plasticfree and #zerowaste life and show us how she does it with her two adorable sons. she was even on BBC. I’m learning all the greatest tips!

@swaglen - she’s an autumnal soul (like myself) has the funniest and most adorable cats Milo & Melvin. she has the longest most beautiful red hair and she’s an advocate for mental and physical health. she has a platform and she uses it for good. and she’s norwegian!

@joannawaterfall - the woman behind yellow & co a membership & conference to support women who have brands and small businesses that do good in this world. she’s one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs out there!

@leonorachristinaskov - for the danes. a woman and author who grew up with a narcissistic mother and wrote a novel about her life that took Denmark by storm.

@mitkrearum - a creative woman like I’ve rarely seen in my life. she’s even danish. I love her creativity and I’m inspired by her every photo she posts.

@sheisidentified - a mother-daughter duo speaking against abuse. I’m so blessed to call these two amazing and strong warriors my friends. there is power and truth in their posts. she is identified - a movement to watch out for!

@morganharpernichols - you probably know her for her deeply encouraging words that speaks directly to your heart. if you didn’t.. now you do.

@abistumvoll - when she got married, she and her husband went on the road to learn about love it was the hardest healing process of their lives, but what they learned in that process is changing human hearts and lives. she goes under the #preacherinhighheals

@pennywincer - one of the strongest women and moms I know of. I admire her, and I don’t even have kids yet. she’s also a single-mom, but that doesn’t stop her from living her life, yet she’s being honest about the struggles she experiences as a single-mom with a kid with autism. if you’re a mom, you will be encouraged by her words and smile at her photography. and if you’re not yet, like me, you’ll be inspired too!

@lostandfoundhome - she and her little family lives on less squarefeet than what’s consideres “normal”, but they make it work and they love it. she inspires me to live with less space inside vs more space outside. she’s also a mom to a cute little toddler. sidenote: I was so inspired by her little farmhouse that I (with her house in my mind) tried to create a small farmhouse on Sims4 that I dream to live in one day, she doesn’t know yet!)

@keeley.rees - she has one of the most sparkly, bright and dreamy feeds I know. she is so tender, yet strong and has a story that has POWER in it. she is a beautiful instagram friend from the other side of the world and I’m always in awe of the magic she manages to create in her universe.

@akianeart - I don’t think I exaggerate when I say she’s probably one of the best artists in the whole world. if you think I’m joking.. just check her out. she paints so realistic, yet like it’s from another world. let me rephrase: it is from another world.

@me_and_orla - not only is she the instagram queen, the wisest and most knowledgable instagrammer about instagram. even instagram thought she knew enough to give her a blue tick. but not only does she know a lot, she is also very likeable and relatable. if you have any concerns or questions about instagram, she has already answered it or is doing research when you sleep.

@itscarolaber - she a yellow force of positivity, curiosity, joy, smiles and more yellow. I’m so happy to call her a friend on instagram. she’s a constant supporter and encourager and she makes instagram a happier, brighter and more yellow place to be.

@roriemusic - a singer-songwriter that makes music that inspires. i love to get sneak peaks of her mind. her voice is crystal clear. her soul is wise. I’m inspired every time I read her words. and her interview her on the blog is one that still lingers in the back of my head. and also: she’s one I can call an instagram friend. sidenote: I currently listen to her music while I write.

I think that’s about it.. I’ll probably have to add to this list as amazing woman keep showing up in my feed, but this is all for now.

// Line

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29 woman to stop scrolling for on instagram // A Wildflowers Home

exploring womanhood // Dear Daughters of the Earth

A Wildflowers Home // Bethany Folk Music // exploring womanhood // dear daughters of the earth

I am so excited to share with you words from the lovely singer-songwriter Bethany from @bethanyfolkmusic. I asked her to write a guest post to this months theme "exploring womanhood" and she did not disappoint. I can't wait for you to read it, so I'll be quite and let you get on..
(let's start a conversation in the comments below..)

Dear Daughters of the Earth,


These lustrous pearls of wisdom keep asking me to thread them onto a string and wear them out for you to see. So here I am, sharing them with you.

I should note that all the best wisdom is found or passed down, not created. It's important to me that you understand that these are not my creations, they’re my heirlooms. This isn’t my art gallery, this is my collection.


1. Accept compliments. Every last one. If kind words have been tailored for you, then accept them. It dishonors both yourself and the giver of the compliment if you deny yourself this gift of kind words. When you are complimented, you are no longer allowed to respond with apologies or excuses or explanations. You must look the giver directly in the eyes, and simply say “thank you”. No more, no less. Accept the gift.

It seems, our culture is inundated with women who don’t believe they are worth a damn. I hear the deflection of their compliments like a million thudding gift-boxes dropping to the earth. I know more of us would bloom if we’d just take the compliment. Unwrap it like a child unwrapping a gift on christmas morning. Clutch the compliment to your pajama-clad heart with a squeal of delight!

2. You must train your eyes to see beauty in all things. Especially yourself. If we can learn to find spelling errors in our school papers, socks in a laundry pile, and berries in the wild, then we can learn to find the beauty in all things.

CHALLENGE: approach the mirror. Greet your reflection with a warm smile (the ones you normally reserve for beloved friends.) This is where we usually begin to tug at our tummies or our thighs but DON’T. Stay in this warm smile and focus in on the beauty of the person in the mirror. Where is it? Your bright eyes? Cute freckles? Wild and free hair? Find one thing and obsess over it the same way you obsess over your chubby tummy. Before you leave the mirror, please tell yourself just how radiant you are- inside and out!

P.S. Daughter, most women are designed to be soft and round. You are allowed to have a cute tummy and thighs. For the greater majority of us, softness and roundness is encoded in our DNA. Your body isn’t wrong and bad. Your body… she is made for such greatness and it is my dream that you make it a practice to love her everyday.

3. Choose to believe, just for fun. If we can’t know the secrets of the Universe, then at least let us waste no time with cynical nihilism. Come and play in the joy of magic and miracles, spirits and god, light and love. You are none the wiser for mourning the monotony and meaninglessness of life. Come dance in refreshing rain showers of serendipity and fate, faith and optimism. Darling- Believe! Just for fun.

4. No one is going to give you permission. There is no stamp of approval for what it is you want to become. Your head will be an echo chamber of admonishing voices of parents, teachers, and the collective “they”. Like a black cloud of gnats, “they” will swarm your skull with shame and guilt until you can’t hear your own voice anymore. It is your responsibility to find your voice, speak your truth, and do the thing you are burning to do anyway.

You see, dear daughter, the secret to becoming is simply doing.

5. Here is the thing about love: It shouldn’t hurt. It just shouldn’t. If it is causing you pain, then it isn’t love, it's something else entirely. In relationships, there is no reason for name-calling or physical assault or imprisonment. All of these are unacceptable

For you, Dear Daughter, I dream of patience and understanding, devotion and loyalty, thoughtful gestures and long hugs. I dream of compassion for when you mess up the budget… again, and eyes glistening with pride when you achieve greatness… again.

If love isn’t pain, then I want to tell you what love IS. Love should feel like basking in the Summer sun after a cool dip in the lake. It should be as comforting as coffee in Autumn, and it should nurture your spirit like a good book in Winter. There may be pain and hardships but your True Love will weather the storms of Spring alongside you, as your partner. You’ll take turns being each other's shelter from the storm.

Your lover should not be the storm.

6. No one can read your mind, and you can not read theirs. So don’t get angry when your needs are left unmet for too long if you never gave voice to your desires. It's your duty to be as accurate an ambassador for your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs as you can possibly manage. Learning how to communicate your observations, feelings, and needs is CRUCIAL in times of anger and distress. Let your words reveal your wounds without wounding anyone else.

The other side of this, is that you MUST be a good listener too. When someone is sharing their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, it doesn’t mean that you must adopt the same inner wiring in order to be liked, it simply means they are looking to be heard and understood. Learn to be a good listener without losing yourself.

7. You don’t have to do it alone. When the world turns dull and gray and your mind feels like a hell-cave that is crumbling in on itself and burying you alive, remember that it is ok to ask for help.

In fact, it's ok to ask for help before it gets that bad. (But sometimes, that's what it will take for you to learn this.)

Ask your pastor, therapist, or parent for help. Even a good friend may be up for the task if she is ready and willing and feeling strong enough to sit in your pain and darkness with you.

No one does anything alone. We aren’t supposed to. Humans are tribal creatures. Ask for help. Accept the help. Offer help to those who are struggling in their darkness.

8. You are not responsible for other people’s emotions. I used to panic when people became quiet, distressed, or even bored. I assumed that this was my fault and would try to fix it.

Dear Daughter, though you are radiant magic, I’d also like to tell you that every human is an entire Universe of their own and you are merely a twinkle in their sky. You do not have to punish yourself everytime you see a human in distress. Allow them to feel what they need to feel and remind yourself to live in your own feelings and perceptions.

9. You are allowed to say no. Your instincts are a connection to the source. Trust them Listen to them. Learn to hear your true yes and your true no. Your true yes and your true no may disappoint other people. This is not your problem. Let them pout. It is extremely important that you live out your true yes and your true no. Say yes to joy and delight, say no to anything that just doesn’t feel right. Do not do good deeds with the begrudging heart of a martyr. Whatever you do, do it with enjoyment and gladness. Your gut is a powerful compass that is trying to steer you home to joy. Learn to hear it, let it guide you.

10. Let yourself cry. You’ve been holding your breath, choking back tears, and turning to stone and it's making you sick.

Find a place where you feel comfortable to bawl loudly and shamelessly like a child.

Empty yourself of every last sob and tear so you can keep navigating bravely into the world. You do yourself no favors and prove nothing by denying yourself the renewing effects of tears.


My Dear Daughter, I’m a late bloomer. I’ve been caught in every last one of these snares. Each pearl of wisdom was the souvenir I got to take with me when the ride was finally over. ( but I’ll keep learning them over and over, hopping back on the ride sometimes before I finally take the pearl home for keeps.) I proudly display these pearls at my collarbones, for you.


Close your eyes now, and hold out your hand. Feel the weight of them like touchable sweet berries in your palm. Let them roll in your fingers. They are yours now. I’ve written them each on my heart.

Now It's your turn to wear this string of pearls.

Love always,

A Daughter of the Earth

september theme // exploring womanhood

A wildflowers home // exploring womanhood // september theme woman // Line Thybo Møller /


I announced on instagram a little while back(here) that I wanted to explore being a woman. exploring the feminine gender. get to know my cycle and thereof get to know myself and how my body and energy works. exploring what it means being a woman. go on a journey and try to navigate through all the noise. all the mess. that this man dominating world has created. it's time we stop being the victim, stop being oppressed, but it doesn't start by being more like a man. women have their own strengths. our own way of fighting. I wanna fight like a girl. research like a woman. embrace my femininity. with all it bears. 

I have no idea where this is gonna take me, but I hope to learn a lot. a get to learn from a lot of amazing woman.

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I will also be sharing lots of great hashtags, resources, books, podcasts, videos and other amazing woman to follow, listen to and learn from.

you can follow along on

// Line 

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PS: I'd love to hear from you! 
if you've got something on your heart on this months themes, it's still not too late, DM me and we'll chat. Follow some great hashtags, read an awesome book or are thrilled about a podcast about woman? Share in the comments or DM me on my social media. I'd love to explore new woman and I might even feature it in one of my posts (& it's okay to mention yourself if you believe you fall under that category)