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A Wildflowers Home

is planted by Line Thybo with a passion to see people find a community to call home and be the wild wildflower they’re supposed to be.

Wanna join the Wildflower Tribe and move in at A Wildflowers Home? Read about the Planter and meet the others here.

A Wildflowers Home are a community, an online home, where my dream is to collect and connect Wildflowers from all over the world, where they could create and share their craft together, I want it to be a platform, where wildflowers can share their wildflower hearts with fellow wildflowers.

A place they belong. Being a part of something bigger than themselves. A place they can bloom, be celebrated and rest in whatever season they are in.

So does this sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Here’s how to get involved.
Or if you’d just like to enjoy the different things we have to offer, feel free to look around. Check out the journal for wildflowers writings, check out @awildflowershome’s instagram for the Wildflower Takeovers or just go to the home page where you’ll find a link to all the different places where we are. Have fun! & don’t a stranger :)

Wildflower Takeovers

the Wildflower Takeovers are a great way to put a face on the different wildflowers. Each month we have a theme on AWH which the Wildflower Takeovers also use. 5 days a week from monday-friday a new wildflower takes over the instagram, share about their day and their thoughts on the monthly theme. it’s one of the most popular things AWH is doing and a GREAT way to connect with fellow wildflowers. You can check out the different highlight at the instagram account for more info and see some of the feature stories from the different wildflower takeovers. If you already now know you’d like to become a Wildflower Takeover you can click here to Apply.

As something new I’m trying to stir AWH into being more and more a place where you can bloom and have a safe place to explore your potential and chase after your passions and dreams.

What that means is instead of regular story takeovers, you are free (under the monthly theme) to use your interest or passion etc while taking over.

Some examples!
You have a passion for researching and digging deep into subjects, but are missing a place to share it? Each (or some) month you could start by sharing your research and newfound knowledge on the monthly theme for all the wildflowers to start off the monthly theme with some basic and fundamental knowledge provided by you.

You wanna dig deeper into the word, maybe you have a little preacher in you who wants to grow and be challenged?

You have a passion for storytelling, graphic design or video editing?

Wanna try, but camera shy? (riming not intentional, haha)
here are what the Wildflower Takeovers have to say:

Wildflower Writers

If you hear “Wildflower Writer” and think: “but I’m not a writer”, it doesn’t necessarily matter, or it isn’t black and white, in that sense..
because.. I’m open to hear whatever you wanna share or contribute with.
I will also announce or introduce.. I haven’t quite decided with a name yet, the wildflower collective (I think that’s taken) or probably the Wildflower Tribe,
and that will be everyone who is involved or contributing in some kind of way to the wildflower community.

So if you wanna become a Wildflower Writer,

there will be a “draft” that you can copy, and paste into your mail and send it to awildflowershome (at)

and there will be some info about you, what you’d like to contribute with to this platform,what you consider your trenght, and whatever passions, or skills or things that you consider yourself an “expert” on.

That could be like you write about GREAT wildflower music, and then you have the wildflower music section or something like that. it can look like finding music for wildflowers, interviewing or writing a blogpost about an album or an artist etc


not so much of an Esther? but more like the Mordokaj do the Ester, doing all the behind-the-scenes work that most people don’t notice UNTIL it doesn’t work, haha? :) well, there’s room for you too! to bloom & grow and be involved in something bigger than yourself. Are you interesting in doing some internship work, love graphic design, html-coding, remembering birthdays, wanna learn social media managing

Graphic designer?

Manage and/or create graphics the instagram?

Are you good at remembering and celebrating birthdays?

Proof reading and setting up a layout?

you’re good at the business aspect? (I’m working on opening a boutique for all the wildflowers, and would love a good saleslady)

Are you good at collecting the best bits of the stories and creating a little “best of this month”
Wanna learn some basics of the different social media worlds? I’d love to help you and train you through social media.

You don’t have to be a pro at these things, of course it’s a plus, but as long as you’re interested, have a passion and wanna learn, then we can get far with that mindset.


This is a commitment. If you’re not sure or can’t commit. Please save us both some time and wait till you’re ready :)

Have you read the Core Values of A Wildflowers Home? If not do that first, you can find them here. When you apply you’re agreeing that you agree and believe in the same core values.

money money money

A Wildflowers Home is community based and not profit based, so if you’re primarily in it for the money or offended that AWH doesn’t pay you, you’ve misunderstood the whole point of AWH and are here for the wrong reason.

But! if you are not here for the money, but for the community, but would still like the opportunity of gaining some income, here are some tips I’ve collected for you..

You get what you put in yourself. If you aren’t looking to earn anything from this, except just the joy of sharing in a community of wildflowers, great! Please proceed, but if you’d like to hear about some methods that might give you a little money pocket, depending on what you put in as work yourself.. Here’s some tips.

  • Affiliate Links. (but remember to tell) I use Amazon Affiliate, you can read more about their programs here.
    I also recommend the Affiliate expert Justine Grey. If you wanna learn great tips & hacks on how to best use Affiliate Links. Her website here and twitter here. She’s got free courses and LOADS of blogposts to get you started and become a PRO. Justine Grey, do you have affiliate links?

  • “Buy Me A Coffee”. Create a page where people easy and simple can support you by buying “a cup of coffee”. Read more and check it out here.

  • Patreon. Start a membership business to develop a direct relationship with your biggest fans and generate predictable, recurring revenue from your creative work.” Check it out and read more here.

  • Your own shop. Have your own shop where you sell your art maybe on Etsy or people can listen to your music on Spotify. Great! Tell them.

  • Wildflower Boutique. Sell your products, art, music, in the Wildflower Boutique. This is still in the works and therefore not available yet.

If you got any other ideas or questions feel free to reach out at or directly to me Line on my instagram @awildflowersjourney.

draft to copy into your mail and send to awildflowershome (at)

Write something about yourself
(should include things like: name, age, your passions, your (open) social media accounts that you think is relevant, how you heard/got connected to AWH, what you think I should know, but please be mindful about my time and don’t write your whole life story ;)

In what ways would you like to contribute with to A Wildflowers Home?
ex: be a wildflower writer, write about music, share your art process, create graphic design, start a book club ***)

One of AWH’s core values is bloom & Grow into the Wildflower you’re suppose to be. How do you want to grow and bloom into your dream? In what ways or how do you think AWH can help you with that?

Name *
your real name please, not artist name :)
When is your birthday? *
When is your birthday?
We celebrate birthdays at AWH!
What are you applying for? *
You can apply for more than one
Wildflower Takeover
How often would you like to take over the @awildflowershome's instagram account?
*if you're applying for Wildflower Takeovers *only*
Wildflower Writer
How often would you like to publish a blog post on AWH's journal?
*if you're applying to be a Wildflower Writer *only* (or publishing on AWH's journal in any kind)
What would you like to work do on AWH?
*if you're applying for behind-the-wildflower-scene *only* *you can tick off all that interests you
What would you *mainly* like to do/learn while interning?
*if you're applying for the internship *only* *you can tick off as many as you want, but that doesn't automatically mean that it will be possible
mostly required for Wildflower Writers or Behind-the-Wildflower-Scene, if you have any relevant work like a blog, portofolio, links to earlier works for graphic design etc etc I'd love to see it, it's not required, but of course a benefit if you have, but as long as you're motivated and willing to put in the work to learn, I'm pretty open to everyone!

3 things I’ll need from you in order for you application to be complete:

  1. an example of what you want to contribute with. a blog post etc - it doesn’t have to be perfect, but show me what you’ve got, and why I should choose you!

  2. earlier work? do you have a blog? have you published anything? an instagram post that describes what you’re all about. Send me all the links or attach whatever you think is relevant.

***If you’d like to just pitch an idea with me before applying, feel free to just send me an e-mail at