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What is A Wildflowers Home?


The Planter behind A Wildflowers Home

 Line Thybo has been the “new girl” more times than she can count,
lived in more than 5 cities and 3 countries,
speaks around 3 and a half languages,
she’s pursuing a unmeasureable life,
breaking free from the cages and flying into the wild life she was meant to live,
but one thing was missing..
A place to land.
A place to rest.
A place to heal when the adventures were a bit rougher than anticipated.
A Wildflowers Home isn’t about Line, though (!!!),
it isn’t a “lifestyle blog” either, NO NO! she dreams of a community that goes beyond country boarder, cultural differences and gardens..

She frequently quotes Arielle Estoria, Abi & Justin Stumvoll, Lisa Bevere, Leney, Steffany Grietzinger, Melissa Helser, Christa Gifford, Sean Feucht, Charlotte Gambill, her cat’s ever-changing moods #thelickingcatqueen and her buddy the Holy Ghost.

She is a wildflower.

Find her on Instagram here; @awildflowersjourney
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Hey Wildflower!

let’s build this community by getting to know each other better.
Wanna share your insights, your day, your creative business or what you’re passionate about while getting to know other wildflowers from around the world?
I’m dreaming of having a weekly theme in the instagram stories where each day a new wildflower will take over the @awildflowershome instagram account story to share their heart on the subject and show us what their daily life looks life.
That way we can all connect better to the wildflowers we are behind the screen, in real life.
I’ve created a facebook group for all of us who wanna join, where themes, subjects and ideas + more info and awesome wildflowers will be.
We’ll be able to pick and choose what is subjects and days where we wanna take over the instagram account!

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Don't know where to start?

Let me recommend some good reads..


a fatherly advice

a fatherly advice is a monthly series on AWH about being a father.
I have no idea what this is gonna look like, I’m not sure he does either, but he is taking it very serious and as an honor to speak to you as a dad.

This is also to further the message of this community and HOME for wildflowers. We not only need each other, but we also need spiritual fathers and mothers to be just THAT a parent. To give us advice from someone who has lived at least one life time longer than us. He was born only 8 years after WW2 ended, so there’s a lot of experiences and stories over the years he can pull from.

<— click the image to see all the post in the series so far!


Wanna hear some wildflower stories?


Wanna share your own story?

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