Hello, I’m Line and the planter of A Wildflowers Home and this is my chance to tell you a little bit about why I planted, what part of me and my story that thinks or knows that this vision, this online home is so vital and important.

First of all, A Wildflowers Home is way bigger than me. I’m not here to have a personal blog to share about me, myself and I. Sure I will share about my story, my life and experiences, but only as a way to heal, inspire, be relatable AND let you know that you’re not alone. Because you aren’t alone. No one is.

But something or someone wants to make you think that you are.

Especially if you’re a wildflower.

And what or who is a wildflower?

It all began when a 10 year old creative girl, curious about the internet started playing around in the world of piczo, anyone remember those days?
That girl never stopped playing around, she just found other places doing it - and become a bit more intentional about it. Intentionality is key.

Years later. Experiences wiser. Failing a bit. Exploring niches. Trying harder. Learning a lot. 
Dreaming even more. And everything in between and then.. 
Deeley Boom - here I am. Today.

I'm on a journey. A journey home. Home as in Heaven.
I like to see myself as a wildflower. A wildflower is wild. It's not locked inside a garden.
It's free. It's adventurous. It's out there exploring. It's on a journey.
But even a wildflower needs a home. A place to rest, and just be. And that's what's this is all about..

A Wildflowers Home.

If you wanna learn more about the meaning behind the name, I share all about it here.

So, who is the girl behind A Wildflowers Home?

One of the first words I like to describe myself as is creative. I create everywhere I go, I just can't help it. It's how I relax, it's how I express myself, it's how I breathe,  it's how I live, it's how I survive.
Some of my favourite ways of being creative is photographing, journaling, writing, (re)decorating, making videos and all kinds of DIY-projects. I think I actually do pretty much do everything creative, but this is what I mainly do. And that sometimes change, depending on the season I'm in and what I'm currently "obsessing" about.

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