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// I have a big heart for hearing peoples stories and help them tell their stories in an honouring and inspiring way. I also truly believe there's healing in sharing your story.

It doesn't have to be with words only, the dream is to create a space, where there's plenty of tools, resources, time and space to tell, express and share your story.

But I have to start somewhere, and my starting point is through words and photos on this blog - and then we'll se where this take me!

I'm dreaming about inspiring and encouraging people to take the wisdom they learned from their past and turn it around to personal strengths, they can use to help and inspire others with.
I'm dreaming about seeing faces lighting up when they're sharing about what's closest to their hearts; what they're passionate about, but maybe sometimes don't even dare to dream about. I'm dreaming of inspiring and "pushing" people to not only go after, but CHASE after their dreams.


I really believe in being open and transparent. An amazing woman called Ashley writes her story as a series called:: "the burden of being broken" on her blog
because she shared so openly, I finally found someone who could put  the wars in my head; into words. I wasn't alone in this. 

so I've become a
mental health warrior. I wanna help people understand they're not alone in this. unfortunately sometimes people are so concerned about being private, that it makes them lonely. I wanna break those barriers down, because there's healing in telling your story.

If you're interested in sharing yours here on the blog, I talk more about that here.


What is a wildflowers home? Let me just break it down for you a bit.. First a wildflower. (I talk about a home under the wildflower)
I've collected my favourite quotes about what a wildflowers means and represents for me.

A Wildflowers Home // about a wildflowers home // wildflower quotes // "Do you suppose she is a wildflower?" Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

A home isn't necessary a house, but a place where you feel safe. Where you feel you belong, I've felt on my own body what it's like not having a home, and how much that can effect you negatively. I sincerely believe that having a home, is one of our most basic needs. A place one can always return to, a place one are never afraid to go to. 

I've collected some of my favourite quotes, that I feel really describes what a home is..

A Wildflowers Home // about a wildflowers home // Home quotes

I truly believe their is power in telling your story. Both for yourself, there is a healing part of it. It doesn't have power over you anymore, you are owning your story now. And when you share something, someone will go: "I'm not alone" and then we are killing the "nobody understands" and the "what's wrong with me"-thoughts. If you haven't heard anyone talk about what your life is about, maybe the world is waiting for you to tell yours? 

We humans are also very good at comparing ourselves, judging before we get to know someone and making up stories in our heads without even knowing, am I right? But! I love how Mary Lou Kownacki puts it: "there isn't someone you couldn't love once you've heard their story."

And how amazing isn't to get a glimpse of other lives that happens on this earth? Learn from their mistakes, laugh at their silliness, cry with the hurt & celebrate the victories. I wanted to create a space where people

my dream

dreaming big

the bigger picture

later on, i'm dreaming of opening up a space for creative souls like myself, who have the idea, the dream, maybe even the product, but don't know where to sell, make it neither have the space. I wanna create a community of small creative businesses. A place where people can be, create and ping pong with other creatives. A place where the creators can have their own little studio in a bigger studio. A place where there'll be workshops, utility rooms, and all the tools and machines they need to create, but many don't have the budget for when they're starting up. 

A thing I often also see with artists, creator and small businesses is that they're often working from home alone. creators need others creators, partners, friendships, relationships, mentors - just community. 

I want the place to bubble with creative energy, creators growing and learning, getting out of their own comfortzone. 

Often people wanna support local or small businesses, but don't know where to go or look, so having one place they can go and check out new creators and new products will also be a great advantage. 

I have many dreams, ideas and visions for this place. my dream is shaping, growing and expanding for each day going - I have God on my side who keeps adding fuel. 

I'm dreaming of the place to be full of resources, having it's own small library full or knowledge, wisdom and great words. 
I'm dreaming of opening a café, runned by people who have been "falling out of the system", people with great resources, but might not fit into a "normal" job situation, but with the right amount of understanding and love I believe everyone have something really unique to give.
I wanna make room for them too.

I'm dreaming of having one room. So far it's the dreaming room, but it can also be a room of inspiration, a room when we need a little space, a room to relax, a room to connect with yourself, a prayer room, a room to dream, a room to fuel your inner introvert & room with a good atmosphere, energy, vibe - whatever you wanna call it.

I'm dreaming of a 'room in process' - I'm imagining a room with lots of paint, big brushes, small brushes and everything in between and a lot of creative freedom. This is the room that's always changing. This is the room where you can come to process or just paint a little. the whole room is yours to paint, however you want. only the imagination is setting limits.

All I need is for God to show up and a great team of creatives.

Can't wait to meet y'all.