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// A Wildflowers Home is an online home and a global community for wildflowers by wildflowers all over the world.

A Wildflowers Home is..

..for the WILD & ROOTLESS

one of the wildflower traits is that we’re wild. we can flourish anywhere we’re planted, we can break through concrete and if we’re buried we will grow like seeds into the wildflower we’re supposed to be.
while the resistance and strength of a wildflower sounds cool, it can also be a lonely life.
many wildflowers feel rootless and many wildflowers may not feel like they have a place they belong, or can call home.

..a space to BLOOM & BELONG

that is one of the reasons why A Wildflowers Home was planted, to create such a place, to call home. wildflowers bloom best when we have somewhere we belong. a safe place to bloom. not in cages or boxes that tries to control us or our freedom, we thrive best when we belong to something bigger than ourselves, but because the wildflowers are often found in the wilderness, something that could be easily accesses from all over the world, would be necessary to connect us over oceans and through forests. but how do you build something when distance is a hurdle and connection is needed? I don’t have the perfect answer, but that’s why I planted an online home, where we can build a community. and then, we are free to bloom into who we’re suppose to be and chase after our dreams.

..a place to REST YOUR WINGS

while wildflowers are WILD and hard to tame. no one can be in battle forever, we all need rest. sometimes a nights sleep can do wonders. other times a longer season of rest is necessary. at a wildflowers home you can come as you are, in the season you are. whether you’re in a season to fly out on adventures or you’re in a season between adventures or in a season after an exhausting adventure, you can always land here and rest your wings.


This is the Planter, Line Thybo Møller.

A Wildflowers Home about // Line Thybo Møller the Planter // history // how it started / founder


it slowly started around christmas time 2011, when I was 16, and has slowly evolved into what A Wildflowers Home is today.

I started creating website when I was 10-11, and soon discovered the blogging world, athis whole digital world was very fascinating to me, so I pursued it a lot, and in 2016 in my early 20s I started becoming serious with social media, I started learning everything I could along with learning about blogging and creating a website. I tried stuff, and failed, tried again, grew very very slow. every time I tried something, it was never it it couldn’t keep me motivated or focused long enough.

but slowly my dream of creating a physical place for creatives and dreamers (before I discovered about being a wildflower) evolved. And after pages of pages and names and names, I finally came up with A Wildflowers Home..

it wasn’t til a few years later, that I connected my website/blog with my dream and from that started treating awildflowershome.com as a stepping stone to opening a physical place one day.

since then it has evolved, I’ve met so many wonderful wildflowers on social media, mostly instagram, we’ve started building a community together.. and slowly things are evolving into what its suppose to be.

one (prophetic) word I once recieved after sharing about my dream was that it was gonna happen organically. something I’ve clung to in times where it felt like it was all I ever did, but nothing happened, felt like no one cared and all I felt was a failure.

BUT in seasons of extreme rest after a heavy burnout, where my body and mind barely could do anything, I still had this little sparkle of hope, about A Wildflowers Home, that one day something would happen…