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What is A Wildflowers Home?

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It's a safe place; where the wild ones rest their wings. 

Mental health is something not talk about a lot.I wanna change that.
Starting by sharing my story and other brave wildflowers story on this home.

This is a place for wildflowers.

This is a wildflowers home.


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Who is a wildflower?

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"Everyone is a wildflower, who just want someone to show them that they're more than a weed, who wants to be told it's okay to dance." - Arielle Estoria


I am a wildflower.

I am also creative. bubbly. down-to-earth. caring. adventurous. sensitive. curious. catmom. danish. tea-with-milk-drinker. loved. flying. detailoriented. rootless. inclusive. photographer. human. childlike. wondering. storyteller. trilingual. worth it. listening. rebellious. magical. wild. resting. inventive. beautiful. old-soul. courageous. homebody. risktaker. woman. dreamer. learning.



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